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Worst Places to Travel in the World – A Guide to the World’s Worst Travel Spots

Sadly, there are parts of the world where even the bravest explorers just shouldn’t go. Avoid the pitfalls with our guide to the worst places to travel . We’ll help you avoid the worst the world has to offer – safely.


Just in case you were thinking of passing through Iraq – don’t. For obvious reasons, it’s one of the most dangerous countries on earth right now. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) strongly advises against any travel there. Even in remote regions, your life is in almost constant danger.


Ongoing attempts by western forces to stabilise security in Afghanistan, and the ongoing civil war and lawlessness throughout the country make independent travel extremely dangerous. There’s also the threat of terrorist attacks and land mines – and the kidnapping of westerners and tourists is increasingly common.


Travelling in or through Sudan for any reason is very risky. Violent crime, abduction, un-mapped land mines, ongoing socio-political unrest and the likelihood of terrorist activity all make it a highly unpleasant place to spend time. Don’t go there!


Recent political events have made Zimbabwe more dangerous than ever for tourists and travellers. The regime is very aggressive to outsiders, who are seen as opponents of the ruling political party. Most of the country is lawless and violent, and the lack of infrastructure makes it virtually impossible to travel safely.


Even by the loosest of definitions, Chechnya isn’t really a tourist destination. It’s a violent, unstable country that’s been ravaged by war and poverty. Unexploded mines, terrorist bombings and kidnappings are commonplace over much of the country. There are no hotels there, either.

And the less obvious…

There are some places that might seem appealing at first, but could give you a nasty shock when you arrive – especially if you wander off the beaten track. Eastern Turkey , for example, is very different from the tourist-friendly west, with bandits and kidnappers more prevalent as you travel inland.

Parts of many inner cities are no-go areas for anyone other than the locals – Rio de Janeiro, St Petersburg and even Los Angeles are just some examples of cities that are safe and beautiful in parts, but sometimes dangerous and ugly in others.

Wherever possible, talk to people who’ve been there. They can give you valuable information on where to take more care, and where to avoid at all costs. And no matter where you decide to go, make sure your travel insurance covers you for all possible situations when you get there.

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