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Accommodation Booking Tips – Holiday Accommodation & Travel Insurance Advice

There’s a lot more to booking accommodation than finding somewhere with vacancies. Choosing the right hotel or hostel can make all the difference to your holiday. So why not follow our top 5 tips for booking accommodation ? We’ll help you experience the best the world has to offer.

1. Make sure you’ve got somewhere to stay on your first night

Even if you’re planning a ‘caution-to-the-wind’ trip, and are reluctant to book anything more than a day in advance, still make sure you’ve got somewhere to stay on your first night away. You’ll probably be tired (and slightly confused!), and certainly not in the mood for room hunting…

2. Research the location

Are you planning your accommodation in advance? If so, don’t just focus on the room and facilities, because you’ll probably spend most of your time out and about anyway. Is it within easy reach of things you want to see and do? Is it in a less-than-savoury part of town? In short, does the location suit you?

3. Don’t get tied down by long-term bookings

It’s obviously quite common to find that booking accommodation for longer periods seems to offer much better value. That’s great if you know you’ll definitely be spending a week or two somewhere, but don’t do it for the sake of saving a few dollars. Staying somewhere longer than you really want to just isn’t worth it.

4. Tight budget? Travel at night.

If you’re really looking to stretch your dollars, and are moving from place to place, remember that travelling at night can save you accommodation costs – assuming you were going to make the journey anyway. Trains, coaches and ferries are all quite conducive to sleeping, although don’t expect to feel refreshed in the morning!

5. What about activities?

This won’t really be a factor if you’re just looking for a week away on the beach, but if you’re keen on getting out and about a bit, why not look for a hotel or hostel that helps you do that? There are plenty around which organise trips and activities. It’s also a great way to meet people.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, don’t travel without Holiday Travel Insurance or Business Travel Insurance

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