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Comprehensive Travel Insurance – How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance Policy

What Are The Critical ‘Must Haves’ In Your Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy?

When you travel you can’t wrap yourself in a plastic bubble. The great joy of travelling is experiencing the journey. Sometimes that can mean ‘every’ aspect or sometimes treading only the safest paths. Either way, comprehensive travel insurance should be your first consideration after booking your travel.

Without being alarmists, consider the scope of possible expenses. Should an accident or illness occur in even a semi remote location possible expenses could include air lifting out, extensive surgery, hospital or medical expenses, alternate accommodation, medical evacuation back home, new air tickets, personal expenses, airfares and accommodation for family members.

A worse case scenario could be in the area of $300,000 plus. Even a minor incident can cost in the double figures.

You may argue that you will not be joining in any risky activities. But accidents can happen crossing a street or walking down a flight of stairs. A medical emergency such as severe illness can occur at any age and can you guarantee the hygiene of the restaurant where you are dining.

When purchasing travel insurance there are certain ‘must haves’ to be sure you are receiving a level of travel cover – not merely low cost insurance – that won’t leave you financially struggling or left enduring sub-standard health or hospital treatment.

What are the Must Haves?

  • Unlimited cover for overseas evacuation and emergency medical assistance and an alignment with a global specialist organisation.
  • Unlimited cover for overseas medical insurance plus hospital and dental.
  • A minimum of $5 million personal liability. How do you know you can’t or won’t accidentally cause injury to another person or persons or property?
  • A minimum of $25,000 for accidental death or permanent disability.
  • Loss of income cover of at least $10,000.
  • A minimum of $5,000 to cover you should your luggage, personal effects or credit cards be stolen or should you need to arrange alternate transport.

Find out who underwrites the travel insurance? Are they a strong, global company? What happens in the event of an emergency? Are you provided with rock solid out of hour’s contacts and follow up?

These are the barest minimum criteria you should have for overseas travel insurance , and there are a number of other areas that can make a difference such as cover for rental vehicle excess and delayed luggage. But don’t neglect domestic travel as many of these criteria still apply.

It may take a little time to compare insurance quotes for comprehensive travel insurance but it is an investment that could return 100 fold.

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