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Car Insurance Groups

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Car Insurance Groups

Car Insurance Groups Are Not Equal

Different car insurance groups can face different challenges to securing the best, low-cost cover.

The ‘grouping’ you belong to will go a long way towards establishing your car insurance rating. Groups can be defined by age or by gender with the bad drivers in each group impacting on the good drivers in setting bottom-line policy conditions and premiums.

  • Statistically speaking, the 18 to 25 year age group has a higher frequency of claims meaning it is more difficult to take out economical car insurance. Young drivers often turn to third party, or even third party, fire and theft car insurance to keep costs down, but the cover provided should be weighed up against the cost of replacing or repairing their car.
  • To enjoy lower premiums, choose a 'family' car that is cheaper to repair, fit a security device and if possible secure it at night in a locked garage.
  • With a few years driving experience under their belts, plus a higher income, the 30 to 45 year olds are not only classified as a lower risk, enjoying the benefits of cheaper premiums, but can also better afford the extensive benefits of full comprehensive car insurance.
  • Over 65 drivers, while once again entering the slightly higher risk car insurance group, can offset potentially higher premiums on their motor vehicle insurance with safe driving discounts where eligible.

No matter which car insurance group list you may belong to, benefits to look out for when comparing auto insurance companies include:

  • A 21 day money-back cooling off period providing no claim has been made on the policy in that time.
  • Online quotation and payment with strong Customer Service back-up if needed