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If you are a student planning on travelling abroad to attend school, then you will need to be covered whilst you are away from your home country.You absolutely cannot take the risk that you may not need insurance when on international travel. Student Travel Insurance covers medical expense, accident and various other situations. As it is, students have a limited income. We understand this at 1Cover Au and have put together student travel insurance policies that are both affordable and of which you can rely upon in a time of need.

You can take medical insurance only cover to save money, we have a range of cover for single trips, annual & multi trip holidays.

Looking for travel insurance for student ? Looking for International Student Coverage?

Travelling overseas and being in a foreign country for a certain amount of time you must take into consideration factors like Emergency Medical Evacuation, Overseas Medical Expense, Lost Baggage, Stolen Money, Personal Liability Issues, Travel Delay or Interruption, Loss of Deposits, Rental Vehicle Collision Damage.

Our prices are extremely competitive, as you would expect from a completely online travel insurance company. is a specialist online insurance provider. All of our policies are underwritten by Allianz. More info on travel accident insurance here.

So if you need an Online Travel Insurance Quote then you need

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