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Travel Health Insurance and Medical Insurance

International travel is an exciting adventure but you must be aware of the many unpredictable situations. One of the most serious risks is that of an accident occuring whilst overseas in another country or the risk of falling ill requiring emergency medical care.

Already there is the unfamiliarity one has of being in a foreign country with a different culture and medical system. This only intensifies the drama if one is caught in an accident or requires medical assistance.

Just trying to communicate in a different language may be an effort, then there is currency conversion, inexperienced international claims administration, and time difference complications.You need to be covered by Travel Health Insurance wherever you are travelling. From simple vaccinations to emergency medical evacuation, 1Cover Health & Medical Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind on your trip.

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Luckily our prices are extremely competitive, and we are a reputable company that will stand by you if you need to claim. All of our policies are underwritten by Allianz. When you are on a domestic or world trip, make sure you have health coverage. There is no excuse. Our rates are affordable and medical care is crucial in times of need.

So if you need Travel Medical Insurance you need

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