Eddie Feltham

Managing Director at 1Cover Travel Insurance

I am the Managing Director at 1Cover Travel Insurance and really excited to be part of this amazing competition. After 20 years (and counting) in insurance I’m ready to enjoy some comedy. Good luck everyone.

Meet the Team

Saying YES !

Shaz and Tina – Le Ditty de Regrette

Shaz and Tina – Regrette Rien

Up yer bum!

Time Travel

Take Me Home

A rational response to the question

Living my best life.

The one thing you regret about that holiday – Mick & Ted

A Place to Camp

Out of tune Holiday

Living my best life.

Omelette You Catch The Bus Next Time…

Prime Minister!

Travel Companion


Epic holiday hair!

The Especialidad de Carlos

Mission and Fabio go to Disneyland!

Break a Leg