Cruise Travel Insurance

You're going on a cruise, what's the worst that can happen? you'd be right to think that cruises are generally a really safe environment, but it's fairly common to fall sick, particualrly on a long cruise. Our comprehensive travel insurance covers cruises automatically, so you can put your mind to rest whilst enjoying your voyage.
There are a few details and oddities aboout travelling on the high seas that you should know before you depart, we've put together some important and interesting information to make sure you're super prepared.

Do I Need Cruise Insurance? What Exactly Does It Cover?

It's not a requirement to take out cruise travel insurance when on a cruise, but there are some really good reasons to do so.

Why do you need cruise travel insurance? Although the likelyhood of a Titanic repeat are extremely slim, the odds of falling ill whilst aboard a cruise ship are heightened. And don't forget, as soon as you're off home soil you're technically overseas, so Medicare isn't going to help you out. If you're looking at a domestic cruise, remember you still need comprehensive travel insurance, not domestic.

As well as health cover, your cruise insurance will cover you for a range of activities that you may want to take part in either aboard the cruise or when in dock and some really important other things such as -

  • Luggage
  • Family Emergency
  • Hospital Cash Allowance
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Theft of Cash
  • Disruption of Journey

What's The Worst That Could Happen? Real Life Cruise Insurance Claims

$504 - Ear infection

Water logged ears from swimming in the pool too much, lead to an ear infection. A visit to the onboard doctor and antibiotics.

$2,394 - Influenza

The most common illness claim; the traveller left the cruise at dock, so required trip cancellation, and then transportation home after visiting a hospital.

$2,701 - Bad Weather

Due to the weather being too bad for the cruise ship to dock, they ended up continuing on to another dock therefore missing the oringal flights home.

$354 - Lost Spectacles

Passenger took a tender to an island for dinner, realised when reboarding that they had left their spectacles at the restaurant.

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

How Much Money Should I Take With Me?

Most cruises are cashless and you will be given a personal cruise card that you put all your transactions on. This will be linked to your own credit card which will be used to take out the total cost in the end. This can often lead to overspending by doing it this way and if you are worried about this possibility then you can organise with the cruise staff to put a daily limit on the card.

Am I Going To Get Bored?

Cruise ships generally have a load of activities and amenities, but will it be enough to entertain you for weeks? If you're worried about this, maybe look at cruises that dock on a more frequent basis. It's best to check beforehand what is available as different cruise liners offer different activities.

How Do I Choose The Right Cruise?

It will often come down to budget, but there are some things you might want to confirm before booking. Some cruises are specific to a certain demographic, some dock frequently and for longer periods, different ship sizes will be able to dock at different locations. Make sure your cruise is going to places you want to visit, and has all the amenities you need between stops.

What's Included And What Isn't?

Most cruises will include all your meals, entertainment and accommodation as standard. You should also expect to be able to access all the ships facilities and taxes should be included in the advertised price. What you need to look out for are government taxes and fees, fuel surcharges and any airline taxes and fees. Some of the onboard extras you'll be expected to pay for may include things such as mini-bar, spas, excursions, internet, casino gaming, drinks/liquor (on some cruise lines), laundry service and babysitting.

What Sort Of Cabin Do I Need?

There is generally a choice between an inside cabin that has no window and is in an inside corridor, an outside cabin which has a window or porthole with a view to the outside, a balcony cabin, that includes a veranda that allows you to step outside without going up to a public deck or a suite which is a larger cabin, often with separate living and sleeping areas, and better amenities and perks. It may come down to budget but it also depends on your personality. If you plan on spending most of your stay socialising above deck than you may not need your own outdoor area. If you really need your own space a balcony might be essential to your trip.

I've Booked My Cruise, What Do I Need To Pack?

It will depend on your cruise, but you may need to pack a variety of clothing for all the activities you'll be doing. Luxury cruises might require a formal outfit, don't forget your swimmers and be prepared for all possible weather!

Will I Need a Visa Or Passport To Go On Land?

Australian citizens typically only need a visa organised prior to travel for China, India, Brazil and Russia. When travelling to the U.S.A you are required to complete a visa waiver form online. Without this you may be denied boarding of your flight or cruise. If you have any doubts about visa requirements please check with your cruise specialist. Visa applications are through the government of the country you're requesting entrance; the process varies by country.

Do I Need To Tip All The Staff All The Time?

Tipping isn't a global phenonenon, but there are several nations that consider it to be a large part of customer service. As a lot of major cruise liners are American, and tipping is a large part of their culture, it can be expected that passengers tip. Some cruise liners have ackonwledged that not all nationalities are accustomed to tipping, and you will find some cruise liners have implemented a daily flat rate service charge, typically around $10-$15 per person, per day.

I'm Stopping In Multiple Countries, Do I Need To Take All The Different Currencies With Me?

Some cruise liners will have a currency bank on the ship, but you can expect to get a fairly poor exchange rate. You can of course use a credit card, make sure you can use it overseas without additional charges though.

If you do need to take get multiple currencies, you're much better off doing so before leaving.

Should I Have Any Vaccinations Before I Leave?

It would be best to consult a doctor once you know what destinations you are visiting. However, no matter where you are travelling we'd suggest you have an influenza vaccination.

I Have A Few Health Issues, Will This Affect My Travel Insurance?

We all have our own medical history, and for those of us that are a little older and wiser, there may be a couple of medical issues you're concerned about. There are a couple of ways of dealing with this with our cruise travel insurance. We can cover your pre exisiting medical conditions, some we cover for free and some at an additional cost, or you can choose to get travel insurance and exclude any condition from your policy.

Cruises are particularly popular for those of us in our twighlight years, for cruise insurance we'll need a medical declaration form filling out for any traveller over the 80. Please see below.

Download A Medical Declaration Form

I am under the age of 70 years old

If you are under 70 years old and need to complete a manual Pre Existing medical form then please download it below.


I am aged from 70 to 79

If you are between 70-79 years old (inclusive) and need to complete a manual Pre Existing medical form then please download it below.


I am aged 80 years old or over

If you are 80 years old or over and need to complete a manual Pre Existing medical form then please download it below.


What Is The Best Way To Book My Cruise Holiday?

These days there is a lot of choice out there for the consumer. You can book directly with the cruise liner, use a travel agent and there's even a cruise comparison website. Some agents have an affiliation so may give you a biased option, so we'd always suggest doing a bit of research for yourself. To help out, here are some of the more popular cruise liners and what they have to offer.

  • P&O Cruises - P&O Cruises is Australia and New Zealand's leading cruise line to destinations in the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Regular cruises depart from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle and Auckland.
  • Cunard Line - Family friendly cruises, their liners have some of the largest libraries available on cruises and impressive collections of art and memorabilia. A great feature for new families is the drop off nursery. Entertainment wraps up fairly early so if you're a night owl this might not be for you.
  • Princess Cruises - Large outdoor areas mean you can enjoy the good weather and not feel overcrowded. There are also adult only sunbathing area if you're not a fan of children.
  • Carnival Cruise Line - One of the only liners to offer kids club starting at the age of 2 rather than 3, and even has 24 hour pizza! These liners can be loud and busy.
  • Royal Caribbean - Notorious for the variety of amenities, you'll find broadway musicals, rock climbing and even skydiving. The economy cabins are on the small side, so if you like time to yourself you may want to consider an upgrade.
  • Windstar Cruises - Not your usual cruise, these yacht cruises are a little more casual. You'll find impressive spas and an array of watersports to choose from.
  • Celebrity Cruises - Large spas, fine cuisine and iPads at every turn. The name of this cruise liner is an indication as to how they are setup.
  • Disney Cruises - Exactly what you'd expect from the family friendly company with great stage productions and their own private Castaway island. No casinos here, and the pool can get extremely busy.

I Might Want To Do Some Activities Whilst We're On Land, Is That Covered?

Our cruise travel insurance covers exactly the same activities as our standard travel insurance policies, which you'll be glad to hear is a lot! Some of these you probably won't be able to do on your cruise, but here are some of the activities we cover that you might be interested in, whether it be on the cruise ship itself, or part of an excursion whilst you are in dock.

For more information about what activities we cover with our travel insurance, take a look at our activities page.

The Top 5 Best Cruises In The World Ever

Haven't yet booked your cruise holiday? Don't know where to start? We think the most important parts of any cruise holiday are the places you get to visit, so it's important to choose the right place for you. If we were going on a cruise, these are the top 5 places we'd like to visit.


Top of our list is the Caribbean. With numberous beatiful islands to visit, time spent in transit is shortened and you get to spend more time on the beach. The best time to visit is between January and March, with June through to December being hurricane period.

If you're looking for luxury try Silversea or Azamara Club Cruises.If you're after a party Carnival are a good choice, Disney and Royal Caribbean are god choices for family friendly cruises.


This would be a once in a life time sort of cruise. Go and see the penguin colonies, huge glaciers and giant icebergs. The window to visit is quite small, with the best time to visit being between mid December and end of February. It's also expensive, really expensive.

If you've got the money, take a look at Le Boreal cruise ship (although it is primarily French speaking). Other options are the Silver Explorer and National Geographic Explorer.

Galapagos Islands

Famously explored by Charles Darwin, the Galapagos Islands are renowned for their vast number of endemic species and a dream for any wildlife fans. There are 21 official islands to explore, along with an abundance of life in the ocean.

Although on the equator, the weather isn't great and the best time to visit is April to May. Try the Celebrity Expedition for a luxurious cruise, or the Endeavor or Islander as alternatives.

Mexican Riviera

Arriba! If you want a party, there aren't many better options than the Mexican Riviera. Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, dismebark and go and enjoy a margarita and mariachi band, then dance the night away in some of the best nightlife in the world.

If you're wanting to relax, this might not be for you. November to April are the best times to visit due to the dry, less humid weather.

Hawaiian Islands

The warm, tropical climate of Hawaii makes it a year round destination for cruises. Hawaii boasts some of the most diverse natural scenery, with several active volcanoes a really popular draw for tourism. Due to it's location, Hawaii is multicultural, with influences from The Americas and Asia, a well as it's Polynesian history.

There's a lot of choice when looking for the right cruise liner. For sophistication, take a look at Holland America. Royal Caribbean provide a great mid priced option, as do Princess Cruises. Carnival are typically the party goers option, but for us the best choice is Norwegian Cruise Line, as they're the only company to offer Honolulu-to-Honolulu, cutting out the week of sea time the others need to arrive from the US.

More Information About Popular Cruise Destinations

*Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see PDS for full details.

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