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PDS - Product Disclosure Statements

A Product Disclosure Statement, often referred to as a ‘PDS’, is a legal document that details the terms and conditions of an insurance product. The PDS includes policies available, what is covered and what is not covered, including benefit limits, general exclusions, optional cover, emergency contacts and information on how to make a claim.  Our product disclosure statement also includes our Financial Services Guide.

 Download Current PDS

Our current PDS is effective 7 November 2023

This PDS has the details of the following plans:

  • Comprehensive
  • Frequent Traveller 
  • Frequent Traveller Domestic 
  • Medical Only 
  • Essentials 
  • Already Overseas


Please refer to the PDS version applicable to the issue date on your Certificate of Insurance.

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Common PDS Questions

  • Why is the PDS Important?
  • The Product Disclosure Statement is important as it outlines all of the benefits, limits, inclusions and exclusions of your policy.

    We rely on you - the consumer, to read the PDS before purchasing the insurance to decide whether 1Cover's policy suits your needs.

    ​​During the purchase process, you will be asked to tick a box declaring that you have read and understood the PDS.  By ticking this box, you have legally agreed to the terms of the policy, regardless of whether you have read it or not. 

    If you have read it, there should be no surprises if you need to submit a claim.

  • Why is the PDS So Long?
  • Our PDS is designed to inform, not confuse travellers. We know that PDSs can be lengthy documents and the challenges that reading them from cover to cover poses for our customers.

    It is a legal contract in a highly regulated industry so we need to have all of the terms and exclusions spelled out.  As one of Australia's leading travel insurers, we’ve worked hard to make it as clear and easy to read as possible. 

    ​​We've done our best to use simple language where we can and have included distinctive sections on what “We will pay” and what “We will NOT pay” for each travel insurance benefit.

    It's important to know what coverage you have so be sure to take the time to read and understand it.  You can visit our FAQs for help with commonly asked questions or contact us if you don't understand something.


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