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Emergency Contacts

Our emergency assistance line is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please note: THESE NUMBERS ARE FOR THOSE WHO ARE EXPERIENCING AN EMERGENCY ONLY. 

If you need to make general enquiries, please visit this page. 

In an emergency, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call one of the emergency assistance numbers below as soon as possible. 

The below numbers can also be found on your certificate of insurance which we emailed to you. Your certificate of insurance also has your policy number which will be helpful to have on hand when you call us. 

If your ailments are minor, such as those that only require a GP visit, you may choose to visit a doctor, pay for your visit, and then submit your claim either from overseas or once you return home. If your medical costs exceed $1,000 you must contact our emergency team on the details below.

From Overseas:

Phone: (+) 61 2 8776 3010

Email: [email protected]

Within Australia:

All Assistance Enquiries: 1300 884 508


Toll Free International Numbers

UK: 0808-178-5380  

Australia: 1300-884508

New Zealand: 0800-192742

Thailand: 1800 011 857 

USA/Canada: 1 855-912-3443

Indonesia: 001 8030 612 053