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Looking For Budget Travel Insurance?

Save yourself time searching through the internet trying to find the best low cost travel insurance and just go straight to 1Cover. The team at 1Cover Travel Insurance understand insurance and will tailor a policy to suit your needs and budget.

We understand how expensive it can be to travel with a family, that is why we've decided to offer you FREE coverage for dependants (Children) under the age of 21 who are travelling with a guardian.

We also have a range of policy options to suit everyone from the backpacker to the cultural connoisseur. Our policies include:

  • Annual Multi-Trip policies - if you are a frequent traveller than annual cover is by far your cheapest option.
  • Medical Only cover - Low cost travel insurance for backpackers and students that protects you for all emergency medical, evacuation and personal liability.
  • Specialised ski and winter sport insurance.
  • Comprehensive insurance- The all-inclusive comprehensive cover is there to protect you from many unforseen events. This cover has great prices so you won't be left empty handed.

All travel insurance policies at 1Cover are of the highest quality. We may be low cost but we definitely strive to deliver the best travel insurance on the market. 1Cover is made up of a team of travel insurance specialists and we consistently strive to meet the needs of our customers.

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