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Travel Insurance & Your Health

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

From arthritis to heart disease, a pre-existing medical condition is something that must be disclosed when you’re purchasing travel insurance. Find out what they are and how they affect your travel insurance.


You or someone you’re travelling with is going to have a baby, so you’ll need to find out how travel insurance works for pregnant women.

Repatriation/Medical Evacuation 

Repatriation is the process of returning a person home after a medical emergency, or at worst case, death. Being covered for repatriation is important for people who are travelling, so here's all you need to know. 


It’s important that you have all the right vaccinations before you travel.  From malaria to meningococcal, read all about vaccinations and travel insurance.



Travel Insurance Award Winners 2023

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What Are My Travel Insurance Options?

Option 1


This is our highest level of cover. 


Option 2

Medical Only

For medical expense coverage only.

Option 3

Frequent Traveller

If you travel more than once a year.


For more detailed information, as well as terms and conditions, please refer to the PDS.


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