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Home Insurance
You Can Count On.

✓Great Online Discounts- 10% Off
✓24-hour online claims notification system
✓21-day money back guarantee
✓Fire & Explosive Cover
✓Accidental breakage cover for glass, ceramic
   and sanitary fixtures

Home &
Contents Insurance

Protect your house, valuables and way of life with 1Cover's Combined Home & Contents Insurance.

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Protect your most valuable asset, your home, with 1Cover Home Insurance.

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Cover the cost of replacing the valuable possessions in your home with 1Cover Contents Insurance.

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1 Million
& Counting

1Cover has backed over 1 million customers in providing them with insurance products they can count on.

by Auto
& General

Underwritten by the reputable Auto & General Insurance, you can be confident that you are being provided with long-term security and protection.

Rates & Cover

We pride ourselves in providing home and contents insurance at affordable prices with great benefits.

1Cover Home &
Contents Insurance

1Cover Home & Contents Insurance will ensure all your treasured possessions are protected. With the range of cover available, reliable service and value for money, 1Cover Home Insurance is a great option for you.

The Home & Contents Insurance policies let you tailor your policy to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.

1Cover Home Insurance is the cover you can count on.