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The one thing you need, when one thing goes wrong

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on your trip. Hear the holiday horrors of 1Cover customers who understand the importance of travel insurance now more than ever.



Jordon's Story

I can wiggle my toes, I'm not paralyzed.

On the last day of her Balinese holiday 23 year old Jordon Hunt got on the back of a scooter and the next thing she remembers is a four-wheel drive coming straight towards her at 70 km/h.

Waking up in hospital she had broken her leg and was going to require emergency surgery.

Watch Jordon's account of her holiday-horror.

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Emily's Story

“I Just Thought It Was A Severe Hangover...Turns Out It Wasn't!”

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on your trip. When 1Cover customer and model Emily Gurr was 21, she was enjoying a holiday in Vietnam with a friend. It was a typical holiday; food, culture, and good times. From Vietnam, Emily flew to Bali to meet other friends and it's here that she woke up one day, debilitated from a dengue fever virus that she had picked up from a mosquito in Vietnam. From here began a holiday nightmare...but with 1Cover's help, Emily was evacuated form Bali to Darwin for treatment. 

Watch 1Cover customer Emily Gurr's terrifying Dengue fever nightmare in Bali.



Holly's Story

“It’s the sort of stuff that could financially cripple people."

Hundreds of Australian’s injure themselves each year on the slopes. 52 year old mum, Holly Bisnette from Sydney knows this all too well after a $100,0000 ski accident in the USA.

Read more about what happened to Holly. 


Darrell's Story

“Don't travel without insurance"

Perth couple Darrell Haddock and Jodi Llanwarne’s idyllic Bali holiday became a 10-week horror ordeal after Darrell caught a mystery parasite which turned into an $100,000 holiday hell.

Read more about what happened to Darrell.



sarah's Story

“I couldn't believe the cost of the shots"

The cost of animal bite treatment abroad can truly sting. Tasmanian tourist Sarah Lancaster learned this the hard way after being bitten by a cat in Nicaragua which ended with a $60k bill.

Read more about what happened to Sarah.


Isabella's Story

“They’ve got no can save your life.”

Watch the emotional story of Isabella Eaton, a little girl who travelled to Bali with her parents Tabitha and James.

See how 1Cover were able to help when Isabella nearly died - and why James thinks buying travel insurance is the most important decision you'll make when you go on holiday with your children. 


Alicia's Story

"I'd fractured my back and i knew what i'd done was going to be lifechanging."

Alicia was skiing in Canada when her trip quickly turned downhill after a terrifying accident on the slopes left her with a fractured back. 

Thankfully, Alicia has Ski Insurance with 1Cover which covered her emergency evacuation off the slopes as well as Loss of income benefit which helped while she was off work recovering for five months.




Te Ao's Story

72-year old Te Ao Maaka was on her way to Bali International Airport for a flight home to New Zealand when she suffered a heart attack. She was taken to hospital but refused treatment by doctors until demands for payment by hospital staff were met. Thankfully, Te Ao Maaka had a seniors travel insurance policy with 1Cover. 

1Cover alleviated the stress of the situation right away by handling payments for medical assistance and making sure family was with her. Te Ao Maaka was in hospital with family by her side for 13 days before being repatriated to New Zealand on a comfortable flight. Back home, she made a complete recovery from her heart attack.