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Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers are the last mile connectivity conduits between insurance companies and policy-holders. However their role would not have been so important if they were just insurance sales outlets. Insurance brokers assume importance because they are instrumental in guiding people on making right decisions for the financial risk coverage for themselves and their family members.
Let us examine the role of insurance brokers in a little more detail:

1) Insurance brokers sell insurance policies to individuals and businesses to provide protection against financial loss.

2) Insurance brokers assist individuals and businesses in choosing the policy that provides optimum protection for their lives and health, as well as, for their businesses, transport, travel, health, personal belongings, house and household furnishings and other properties.

3) Insurance broker can help an employer provide employees the opportunity to buy insurance through payroll deductions.

4) In the eventuality of a loss, insurance brokers, help policyholders settle insurance claims.

5) Insurance brokers act on behalf of customers and normally do not sell for a specific company, They place insurance policies of their clients with the insurance company that offers the best rate and maximum coverage.

6) Insurance agents or brokers offer single or hybrid or multiple kinds of insurance-life, health, property, travel, casualty, disability, and business to name a few.

Life insurance brokers have expertise in selling policies that pay nominees or beneficiaries when a policyholder is no more. Some life insurance brokers also provide health insurance policies to cover the medical bills and loss of stable income due to medical problems.

Property and casualty insurance brokers vend policies that cover individuals and businesses from losses on account of accidents, fire or theft, quakes and other damaging eventualities. Insurance brokers also provide injury compensation for workers, product liability claims and other such policies for businesses.

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To value add their services an increasing number of insurance brokers have started to provide a complete financial planning service. These services might include but are not restricted to, financial portfolio management, retirement counseling, investment advisory.

As a consequence, some insurance brokers have diversified and are now offering 'total financial solutions' besides insurance. These agents may get licenses to sell mutual funds, annuities, and other securities as well.

So in the modern world of increasing uncertainties and imponderables, insurance brokers have come to play an important part in covering your risks and letting you enjoy a smooth and stable life.

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