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Multi Trip Travel Insurance for Those Bitten by the Bug

Whether you’ve got the travel bug bad, love attending your favourite team’s matches no matter where in the world they’re held, have a hobby that keeps you on the move or far-away family you love to visit frequently, purchasing multi trip travel insurance will not only keep you financially protected, it will save you a fortune on travel insurance costs.

1Cover offer exceptional value on all our Comprehensive, Essentials and Basic cover for domestic and international travel – single and multi trip.

If you do travel frequently, rather than purchasing travel insurance every time you go, by purchasing multi trip travel insurance you can save up to 40% on your total annual travel insurance expenses – and with a massive saving like that you might just be able to squeeze in one more trip!

What Does Worldwide Multi Trip Travel Insurance Cover mean?

1Cover’s multi-trip travel insurance will give you full comprehensive cover for all the trips you take in a year, no matter where you travel to, including cover for:

  • Unlimited cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • Emergency additional accommodation and travel, resumption of journey and alternative transport
  • Luggage, personal property, credit cards, documents, cheques and cash
  • Hospital allowance, disability, loss of income and more

How About Domestic Multi Trip Travel Insurance?

When travelling domestically, you may believe – well – that you’re covered by Medicare anyhow, and you’re not that far from home so what could possibly go wrong. In fact, any number of things could go wrong.

You may need to prolong your hotel stay due to your own or your travelling companion’s illness meaning additional accommodation expenses, or need to return home due to a family emergency with both scenarios possibly resulting in lost deposits and fees if you’re not able to continue your journey.

You may have your luggage or possessions stolen. In fact, any number of events could occur that would then leave you seriously out of pocket if you travelled without multi trip travel insurance.

Protection at Incredibly Affordable Prices

The more you’re on the road, or in the air, the greater the chance that ‘something’ will happen. If you love travel, or love getting away to indulge your passion, then why put it at risk when multi trip travel insurance provides comprehensive protection at prices any get-away addict can afford. Click through now for a quote and you’ll see what we mean.

All travel has an element of risk. Thinking ahead and careful preparation will reduce the risk considerably in most areas. Precautions such as visiting your doctor and dentist and your local travel medical centre for all relevant treatment prior to departure, and checking with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the latest travel advice for your destination will go a long way to ensuring your trip is enjoyable and eventful for all the right reasons.

1Cover management and staff wish you a safe and happy journey.

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