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Travel Insurance For Your Next Destination

Bali Travel Insurance

From riding scooters, to bungee jumping and Bali belly! Here's everything you need to know about buying travel insurance for Bali.

New Zealand Travel Insurance

Car accidents, injuries on the ski fields and lost luggage. Get your travel insurance for New Zealand

USA Travel Insurance

Sky high medical costs, theft and natural disasters are just some of the top reasons to book your travel insurance for The USA.

UK Travel Insurance

Lost/damaged luggage is the number one claim for 1Cover customers visiting The UK. Discover more about travel insurance cover for The UK

Europe Travel Insurance

Pickpockets, tourist injuries and some of the most expensive countries for healthcare in the world. Get your travel insurance for Europe.

Thailand Travel Insurance

Did you know Thailand was ranked as one of the 20 most dangerous countries in the world? So don't forget your travel insurance for Thailand.

Japan Travel Insurance

Japan is ranked fourth in the world for natural disasters.Then there's the lost luggage (and Aussie skiers!). Get your travel insurance for Japan

Fiji Travel Insurance

From tropical cyclones to car accidents ... and paying for everything if you get sick. The 1 Thing you need is travel insurance in Fiji.

Canada Travel Insurance

With medical costs for tourists comparable to The USA, protect yourself with a travel insurance policy for Canada.  

Asia Travel Insurance

Some of the most beautiful (and dangerous) places on earth can be found in Asia. Read more about travel insurance for your adventure in Asia

South America Insurance

From scams to sickness and accidents to adventure, this destination can be downright dangerous! Don't forget your travel insurance for South America.

Africa Travel Insurance

Before you head off to see the breathtaking beauty of this part of the world, get covered with travel insurance for Africa.

Pacific Travel Insurance

Make sure you're prepared for things that can go wrong in Samoa, PNG or the Solomon Islands. Purchase travel insurance for The Pacific.


Cuba Travel Insurance

Hurricanes, crime and dangerous driving conditions. Keep yourself covered in the Caribbean with travel insurance for Cuba.

Mexico Travel Insurance

Tourists can get into all sorts of trouble south of the border.Take the stress out of your trip with travel insurance for Mexico.


Travel Insurance Options


Option 1


This is our highest level of cover. 


Option 2

Medical Only

For medical expense coverage only.

Option 3

Frequent Traveller

If you travel more than once a year.


For more detailed information, as well as terms and conditions, please refer to the PDS.


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