How to have your Best Holiday
Cruising the deep blue

Cruises are experiencing a renaissance. An increasing number of millennials, families with young kids, families with older kids, couples, over-60s and solo travellers are flocking to their decks.

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Why Are Cruise Holidays Booming?

Cruise first-timers, heed this: modern cruise liners aren't just bingo and buffet affairs. They cater to a variety of experiences, budgets and interests. In other words, everyone gets a look-in. These days, there's a cruise for everyone - even the sceptics. Royal Caribbean, for instance, offers a two-day sample cruise from Sydney, so you can dip your toes in that salty sea water before committing to a longer jaunt. 

Need more convincing that cruising’s no longer the domain of grey nomads? Well, some stats show that 46% of all cruise passengers are now under 50, with particular growth in the millennial market. U by Uniworld is a shining example of this growth, with its two ships, the A and the B, designed with the millennials firmly in mind, not to mention the upcoming Virgin Voyages inaugural cruise ship, Scarlet Lady

Cruises are a holiday with included entertainment, food, and incredible destinations - and in today’s busy world, a trip that’s taken care of appeals to people of all demographics.



What's the best cruise for me?
Cruising with teens

Cruises can be a teen dream. That’s right. Your teen might (shock, horror) actually enjoy themselves on a cruise family holiday. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, for example, has ziplining, a rock climbing wall and ice skating (to name just a few options).

A sweetener for the parents is the ship’s bionic bar that has two robot arms churning out two drinks a minute. And there are plenty of other cruise providers catering to the ‘parents with teens’ market. Check out our teen cruising page for everything you need to know about going on a cruise holiday with teenagers.

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What's the best cruise for me?
Cruising with children

Families with young children, toddlers or babies are well looked after in the cruising world. Take, for example, Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Carribbean and Carnival Cruise Line. They all have great offerings to keep the littlies and tweens well engaged.

Think supervised youth programs, circus school and waterslides. If you want to know more, then take a look at our breakdown of the best cruises for families with young children and some great survival tips.

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What's the best cruise for me?
Cruising for couples

Cruising is the perfect romantic escape for couples. Private balconies overlooking the horizon, fine dining, movies under the stars, bed-time nightcaps and, perhaps best of all, limited phone reception. Yes, cruising has the lot.

Princess Cruises’ Club Class, for example, turns your cruise into a sanctuary for two. And for couples seeking to mix pleasure and adventure, put 2021 in your calendar; that’s when cruise company, Ponant, releases its luxury icebreaker, Le Commandant Charcot.

Want more? Check out the romantic side of cruising to see what else is on offer for couples.

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What's the best cruise for me?
Cruising for seniors

Seniors can look forward to adult-only pools and casinos, with some cruises also offering hydraulic pool chairs in the pools.

For the many senior Australians looking for a hit of culture and adventure on their cruise holiday, almost every major cruise line will have something to whet your appetite.

Whether it’s river cruising through Europe with Imagine Cruising, or enjoying the waterways of New Zealand’s Milford Sound.

Read more about why cruise holidays for seniors are a great choice.

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What's the best cruise for me?
Cruising for solo travellers

Solo travelling is rising in popularity, and cruising is the perfect solo holiday that won’t break the budget or require too much planning.

To start your research, you could consider Holland America Line who won Cruise Critic’s 2017 Editors Award (Australia) in the Best for Solo Travellers category. But that’s by no means the end of the discussion.

Here are more suggestions for your cruise holiday, as well as tips and tricks for your for solo adventure.

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Cruise Destinations:
Where do aussies cruise to?

of Australian cruisers sailed to the South Pacific
went to New Zealand
travelled to Asia (the most popular fly-cruise region)
cruised the Mediterranean




world map

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world map

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6 Tips On How to get the most of your cruise
- and stay within budget

No matter where you're travelling to, or who you're travelling with, whether you're a first-timer or a cruise connoisseur, these tips will help you save money and enjoy the smoothest cruise possible.


Tip #1

Subscribe to email lists

Being on the email lists of cruise lines and travel agents is a great way to access early-bird specials (or last minute deals if you're flexible with travel dates).

Tip #2

Research, research, research!

Can you organise cheaper on-shore excursions than the cruise line? Look at the wifi charges onboard. And do the maths when it comes to food and drink packages.

Tip #3

Do your due diligence

Organise all necessary visas. Don't make the same costly mistake as this couple, who had to disembark in South Korea after failing to secure their visas for China.


Tip #4

Board your cruise close to home

This way you cut out any unnecessary travel time (and costs). Sydney is the most popular port for cruise ships in Australia, but many still leave from Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Tip #5

Pack like a pro

If you’re on a luxury cruise, pack your best duds. But if your cruise is more laid-back or family-oriented, stick with casual and smart casual attire. Know what activities you’ll be doing so that you can pack the right gear.

Tip #6

Get the right travel insurance

Make sure you have the right travel insurance for a cruise. Many people consider cruises a low-risk holiday. But there are a myriad of factors that can leave you out of pocket on a cruising holiday. 




Want Travel Insurance For your upcoming Cruise?





What could go wrong on a cruise?

  • Carry On

    You Don't think About Your carry-on bag

    Oh dear! You’ll most likely be without your main luggage for several hours after you board the ship, and that’s why your carry-on is vital. It should ... more >

  • Cruise Jail

    You end up in Cruise Jail

    Most people look forward to a few cruise brews, but be careful not to overdo it. A bender could see you in jail and very much out of pocket. Not only... more >

  • Mobile Phone

    You dont put your phone in flight mode

    If you leave your phone on, you could be whacked with one hefty phone bill when you get back home. If you can get reception at sea, any phone calls... more >

  • sick

    You get sick

    Despite our best efforts, we can all fall prey to sickness at sea. With a group of people brought together into relatively close quarters, it's... more >

  • Too early

    You arrive too early

    Waiting on the port for hours isn’t the ideal start to a holiday either. So don’t get too keen. There’s no need to get there crazy early. Be organised. Be punctual... more >

  • Fine print

    You Ignore the fine print 

    You need to read everything. It may be dry. It may be dense. But make no mistake – not looking at the fine print makes for a very expensive holiday... more >

  • Overpack

    You Overpack

    Instead of a seafaring oasis, your cabin looks like a hoarder’s retreat. We can’t help you after you get on board, so make sure you check out this... more >

  • stop sign

    You Miss the boat 

    Not the best start, but if you take sensible precautions, your holiday won’t be over before it’s even started. With the right travel insurance, you can... more >



Why do I need Travel Insurance For A cruise?

Recent 1Cover data shows that 1 in 10 travellers needed medical assistance on a cruise and Medicare benefits aren't payable for journeys between an Australian port and a foreign port, or between two foreign ports.

If you or a family fall sick on a cruise, the costs can amp up quickly. A visit to the ship's doctor can easily cost a couple of hundred dollars, while medical evacuation can cost hundreds of thousands, depending on location.

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According to recent 1Cover surveys and data, 27% of passengers have fallen ill during a cruise, with one in ten requiring medical assistance. And luckily, our cruise insurance goes beyond medical claims, with 13% of 1Cover cruise claims for lost, stolen or damaged items, and 15% for trip cancellations or trip delays.

Find out more about our cruise travel insurance here.


Common cruise insurance claims and problems

  • What if I have to cancel my cruise?
  • Taking out travel insurance provides cover for unforeseen circumstances like illness or injury that prevent you from travelling. It also covers you for bad weather and natural disasters. If you cancel your trip for circumstances covered in the PDS, we’ll be able to pay you back for things like cancellation fees, non-refundable deposits for pre-booked flights, accommodation, tours, cruises and more.

  • What if my airline delays my bag and I have to get on my cruise without it?
  • The 1Cover Comprehensive policy provides cover for luggage delay expenses. This allows you to purchase essentials up to the value of $250 (make sure you keep the receipts). Having the Cruise Pack add-on provides additional cover for you if, for example, you have to hire or purchase formal attire such as a dinner suit or evening gown (again up to the value of $250).

  • What happens if I get sick and the doctor confines me to my cabin?
  • If you come down with a potentially infectious illness, the onboard doctor may confine you to your cabin for the health and safety of everyone on board. If this happens to you for a continuous period of more than 48 hours, we’ll pay $150 for each 24 hours that you continue to be confined for. If you’re also locked into pre-paid on-shore excursions but are deemed medically unfit to participate, we can reimburse the cost of your non-refundable pre-paid shore excursions.

  • If my flight is delayed and I miss my cruise departure, can I claim back the cost of my cruise?
  • If your flights are delayed due to claimable events, like bad weather, natural disaster or strikes, we can provide cover for expenses to get you to the nearest port in your itinerary to meet your cruise. Our role is to stop you from sweating the small stuff.

    We can cover everything from overseas medical emergencies to your coveted cocktail dress.

helpful resources for cruisers

First time Aussie cruiser?

If you're going on a cruise for the first time, here are some useful cruise resources for you.

Smart Traveller's Cruising Page

The Australian Government's Smart Traveller site is a must for anyone who's going cruising. Find out country specific travel advice, passport information, and visa information.

1Cover's Medical Hub

Do you have pre-existing medical conditions? Or are you pregnant? Maybe you're concerned about the types of vaccinations you get while cruising. Find out everything you need to know here.


Natalie Smith

Natalie wrote this article, as Head of Marketing at 1Cover she's got over 10 years of insurance experience under her belt and can answer your trickiest travel insurance questions. Natalie has written about all types of travel insurance from tips and tricks, money saving ideas, pre-existing illnesses and more.  Learn more about Natalie.