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Travel Insurance for Bali

Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adventure-filled trip to this tropical paradise, ensuring that you have the right travel insurance is essential. Bali offers a wealth of experiences, from surfing in Uluwatu to exploring ancient temples in Ubud, but unexpected events can happen anywhere, anytime, so get 1Cover Travel Insurance...It's the One thing you need when One thing goes wrong.

Medical Cover

Unlimited medical benefits should you get sick or have an accident including 24-hour emergency medical assistance, ambulance fees and medical evacuations.

Covid Cover

1Cover Travel Insurance now includes overseas medical cover for COVID-19.  Learn more in our Covid Hub

Scooter cover

As long as you hold a current Australian motorcycle licence if the engine capacity is greater than 50cc. Full T&Cs apply.

Luggage Cover

Cover for luggage and personal effects stolen, lost or damaged during travel. 

Cancellation Cover

Covers cancellation fees and lost deposits for pre-paid travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances.

travel Documents

Cover for the replacement cost of your travel documents including passports, travel documents or travellers cheques lost or stolen from you during your Journey.

Companion cover

Cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses if your travelling companion cannot continue their Journey because of an injury or sickness.

Theft of Cash

  • Cover for the following items stolen from your person; banknotes, cash, currency notes, postal orders and money orders. 

Jordon's Balinese Holiday Horror

I can wiggle my toes, I'm not paralyzed.

On the last day of her Balinese holiday 23 year old Jordon Hunt got on the back of a scooter and the next thing she remembers is a four-wheel drive coming straight towards her at 70 km/h.

Waking up in hospital she had broken her leg and was going to require emergency surgery.

Watch Jordon's account of what happened to her on her trip.




The one thing you need
when one thing goes wrong


Bali Travel Insurance FAQS

  • Is travel insurance required to go to Bali? 
  • Yes, not only is travel insurance a solid investment against any potential medical costs you may incur overseas (and these can be seriously expensive) it also protects you from unforeseen events like natural disasters, lost luggage, family emergencies and more. While travel insurance is no longer mandatory for entry to Indonesia, it's highly reccomended that you avoid travelling overseas without unlimited medical cover. 

  • How much does travel insurance cost for Bali and Indonesia? 
  • Travel insurance to Indonesia doesn’t cost the earth. For example, if you’re 35 and holidaying for a week, comprehensive cover can cost as little as $70.

  • Is riding a scooter covered in Bali?
  • In order to be covered under a 1Cover policy when driving a motorcycle you must hold a current Australian motorcycle licence motorcycle for motorbikes or scooters with an engine capacity greater than 50cc. You would not be covered if you are a passenger on a moped, scooter or motorcycle and the person in control does not have a valid motorcycle or driver’s licence valid for the country you are travelling in.  

  • Is terrorism covered in bali?
  • In the event of a terrorist attack or political unrest, there is no cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits, disruption of journey or alternative transport expenses. However cover is available for all necessary medical/hospital expenses, including the cost of bringing you back to your home.

  • am i covered for drugs or alcohol in bali?
  • If your claim arises from drug or alcohol use you will not be covered. Our policy states that any claim arising from being intoxicated, addicted or under the influence of liquor or drugs, except those prescribed by a Medical Adviser, will not be covered.

  • Do you cover for Bali belly? 
  • Yes, our policies cover Bali belly. To avoid illness, only drink bottled water, eat at reputable restaurants, wash your hands regularly and avoid unpeeled fruit and vegetables. You may want to consider taking a regular probiotic a few weeks prior to your trip. 

  • Do you need a visa for Bali? 
  • Yes, Australians must apply for an e-Visa online at least 48 hours before you travel, or you can get one on arrival at the airport. 

  • Do you need to be vaccinated to go to Bali? 
  • All travellers should be up-to-date with their routine vaccinations before heading off to Bali. These vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, chicken pox, polio and influenza.

  • I'm living in bali. can i buy travel insurance?
  • Travel Insurance policies are not valid if you have moved to another country and you are now living there. However if you are planning a longer stay in Bali our policies cover you up to 12 months in duration. 


Bali Travel Insurance Benefits

If you're looking for the best possible coverage for your next Balinese adventure, look no further than our comprehensive policies. 

Policy Benefit Comprehensive/ Frequent Traveller



Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance^


Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses^*


Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)^


Resumption Of Journey^*


Hospital Cash Allowance^*


Permanent Disability^*


Loss of Income^*




Credit Card Fraud & Replacement


Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques


Theft Of Cash


Luggage & Personal Effects


Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses




Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses*


Includes Family Emergency*


Includes Emergency Companion Cover*


Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits*


Disruption Of Journey*


Alternative Transport Expenses^




Personal Liability#

$5 million

Domestic Pets^*


Domestic Services^*


Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess#*


What does Bali Insurance cover?

  • Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance: Includes 24-hour emergency medical assistance, ambulance fees, medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, and messages to family and hospital guarantees.

  • Overseas Emergency Medical And Hospital Expenses: Cover if you are injured or become sick overseas, including; medical, hospital, surgical and nursing. 

  • Dental Expenses: Cover for your emergency dental treatment for the relief of sudden and acute pain to sound and natural teeth.

  • Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses: Cover for additional travel expenses if you cannot travel because of an injury or sickness (whilst overseas).

  • Family Emergency: Cover for additional travel expenses if your travelling companion, or a Relative of either of yours, dies unexpectedly, is disabled by an injury or requires hospitalisation.

  • Emergency Companion Cover: Cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses if your travelling companion cannot continue their Journey because of an injury or sickness.

  • Resumption Of Journey: Cover for the cost of airfares for you to resume your journey if you return home because of the unexpected death or hospitalisation of a relative of yours.

  • Hospital Cash Allowance: Hospital Cash Allowance

  • Permanent Disability: A permanent disability benefit is payable for total loss of sight in one or both eyes or loss of use of a hand or foot (for at least 12 months, and which will continue indefinitely) within 12 months of, and because of, an injury sustained during your journey.

  • Loss Of Income: A weekly loss of income benefit is payable if you become disabled within 30 days of an injury you sustained during your journey, and you are still unable to work more than 30 days after returning to Australia.

  • Credit Card Fraud & Replacement: Cover for the replacement cost of your credit cards lost or stolen from you during your journey, and loss resulting from fraudulent use.

  • Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques: Cover for the replacement cost of your travel documents including passports, travel documents or travellers cheques lost or stolen from you during your Journey.

  • Theft Of Cash: Cover for the following items stolen from your person; banknotes, cash, currency notes, postal orders and money orders. 

  • Luggage & Personal Effects: Cover for luggage and personal effects stolen, lost or damaged during travel. Common claims include luggage, personal effects, cameras, spectacles and a computer.

  • Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses: Cover to purchase essential items of clothing and other personal items following Luggage delayed and Personal Effects being delayed, misdirected or misplaced by your carrier for more than 12 hours. 

  • Cancellation Fees And Lost Deposits: Covers cancellation fees and lost deposits for pre-paid travel arrangements due to unforeseen circumstances neither expected nor intended by you, and which are outside your control, such as; sickness, injuries, strikes, collisions, retrenchment and natural disasters.

  • Disruption Of Journey: Cover for additional meals and accommodation expenses, after an initial 6 hours delay, if your Journey is disrupted due to circumstances beyond your control.

  • Alternative Transport Expenses: Cover for additional travel expenses following transport delays to reach events such as; a wedding, funeral, conference, sporting event and pre-paid travel/tour arrangements.

  • Personal Liability: Cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you. 

  • Domestic Pets: Cover for additional boarding kennel or cattery fees resulting from your delayed return home, also veterinary fees if your pet is injured while you are away.

  • Domestic Services: Cover for housekeeping services following injury/disablement continuing upon your return home.

  • Rental Vehicle Excess: Cover for the excess payable on your rental vehicle's motor vehicle insurance resulting from the rental vehicle being; Stolen, crashed or damaged and/or cost of returning the rental vehicle due to you being unfit to do so.



Why visit Bali?



Bali has long been a favored travel destination for Australians, here’s 5 reasons why.

1. Proximity: Depending on where you live in Australia, you can fly to Bali 3-6 hours making it relatively easy as a destination to get to 

2. Affordability: Compared to Australia, Bali is way more cost-effective when it comes to food, accommodation  

3. Culture: Despite the short travel time, you get to experience an entirely different culture to our land down under. Temples, rice paddies, Balinese cuisine and Hindu influences make this part of the world uniquely beautiful and diverse.

4. Wellness: Whether it’s diving, surfing or yoga, Bali is an excellent destination to unwind and take part in plenty of adventure or relaxation activities 

5. Climate: Bali has a tropical climate all year around, making is an attractive location at any point in the year to travel to.



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