The One ThingBen Groundwater

Ever wondered about the one thing you should or shouldn't do on your holiday? We asked travel writer Ben Grondrounder for the answers!

Ben Groundwater was named Travel Writer of the Year in 2014 and 2015 by the Australian Society of Travel Writers. He's a seasoned journalist and traveller and he's penned a special series called "The One Thing" for us here at 1Cover. 

From Spain to Sri Lanka check out Ben's top tips for your best trip!

the one thing you should & shouldn't do...

... In New Zealand

You'd be surprised what gets Kiwis offside. 

... In Singapore

It's impossible to eat badly in Singapore. But there's somewhere you can't miss. 

... In Canada

O Canada! Find out when and where the locals come out to play. 

... In Sri Lanka

One of the hottest destinations of recent times - and here's why

... In France

There's one tiny thing you can do that will open doors.  

... In USA

Narrow down the list of things to do in this vast country.

... In China

You'll have a fabulous time if you follow this sage piece of advice.


... In Spain

There are long queues for this famous landmark. Ben says: don't do it!

.... In Cambodia 

 Ben tells us why you should take a chance in this chaotic city.

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