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Mobile Phone Cover

We offer cover for your electrical items including mobile phones, computers, video recorders and cameras, but limits apply as show in the below table.

Items Maximum payable amount for the first item Maximum payable amount for subsequent lost/stolen/damaged items within same category

Mobile phones and tablets, (including PDA's and any other item with phone capabilities)



Personal Laptops, video recorders or cameras





Need more cover?

If you have a phone, or another item that you’d like to insure for a higher limit, we have the option for you to specify additional high value items up to $5,000. Depreciation does not apply to these items. However, these items have to be less than 12 months old and you should have the original receipt. You cannot add extra cover for jewellery, bicycles, watches and watercraft (other than surfboards) with 1Cover policies. 

What is Depreciation?

When calculating the amount payable in the event of a claim, we will apply depreciation due to age, wear and tear of your items. The amount of such depreciation will be determined by 1Cover. No depreciation will be applied to goods purchased duty free prior to your departure or goods purchased during your journey. We will not pay more than the original purchase price of any item. We have the option to repair or replace the luggage & personal effects.

What exclusions apply to mobile phone cover?

Be careful with your electronic items when you travel. We do not cover for damages to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet screen, or for any liquid damages. For a full list of policy terms and exclusions, please read the PDS. You can also see more information in our Luggage and Personal Belongings guide. 

What do I need in order to claim?

If your mobile is lost or stolen and you wish to claim on your travel insurance, it pays to get all required documents ready to help with your claim. As a minimum we need to have the Make, Model, Proof of Purchase and IMEI number of the phone. As well as evidence of loss with a written report from the police for example.