Malae's $10,000 Win 2019


A big congratulations to our Destination Dollars $10,000 Winner - Malaefono B. from NSW.

What would you do with an extra $10,000? 

Malae and her family travelled to Wellington, New Zealand to celebrate their father's 70th birthday. With safety of the family in mind, Malae purchased 1Cover Travel Insurance. "Safety first was my main focus for my family and we got rewarded with becoming the August $10,000 winner!"

For some people winning an extra $10,000 means an extra holiday, or taking their next trip to the next level. But for Malae and her family, winning $10,000 was a life changing experience for many ...

“I’m going to use the money to pay adoption fees for four kids … and I’m going to travel to see my son in France next year.”

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