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Emily gurr's $52k Dengue Fever Nightmare



“I just thought it was a severe hangover...turns out it wasn't!”

There are plenty of things that can go wrong on your trip. When 1Cover customer and model Emily Gurr was 21, she was enjoying a holiday in Vietnam with a friend. It was a typical holiday; food, culture, and good times. From Vietnam, Emily flew to Bali to meet other friends and it's here that she woke up one day, debilitated from a dengue fever virus that she had picked up from a mosquito in Vietnam. From here began a holiday nightmare...but with 1Cover's help, Emily was evacuated form Bali to Darwin for treatment. 


Watch 1Cover customer Emily Gurr's terrifying Dengue fever nightmare in Bali.





Waking up in Bali feeling awful from what she initially thought was a bad hangover, things went quickly downhill for Emily. 

Emily Gurr Hospital


Having been bitten by a mosquito a week earlier in Vietnam, Emily became seriously ill with dengue fever. 

“I felt awful, like a bus had hit me. I didn’t know what it was but by the night time it was excruciating. I couldn't move, I thought I was dying.” 

Emily was rushed to hospital and after 10 days it was decided to get her back to Australia. 

“My recollection of it all is so vague as I was in so much pain.” 

“I was in hospital in Bali for 10 days, but as I kept deteriorating 1Cover put me on a private flight out of Bali to Darwin.” 

Emily’s AirEvac to Darwin cost $52,000 and her mother was flown to be with her. 

“I felt things were going to be ok when my mum came.” 

 “Without insurance I would have been bankrupt for sure.” 

“Having travel insurance is so vital. You never know what’s going to happen. In Australia we have Medicare and health cover, so that covers you when you’re in a familiar place, but when you’re overseas you don’t have those things and it’s nice to rely on something and someone.” 

“In Bali, especially with foreigners, the hospitals require money first, so when my travel insurer 1Cover called them and said ‘yes we’re covering’ they then admitted me and assessed me.” 

Learn about Dengue Fever 

Dengue fever is a mosquito borne disease. Bali’s main hospital records anywhere between 50 and 100 cases a year from tourists. Whilst it is a concern, there are ways you can reduce your exposure. 

- Avoid visiting Bali in the rainy season from October through April 
- Apply good quality mosquito repellent at all times 
- Avoid areas with still water and large mosquito populations 
- Wear long sleeves and cover up as much as possible 
- Use a mosquito net when you sleep 


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Emily’s bad luck continued in Bali 

Emily Gurr bike


On another trip to Bali, Emily required the assistance of 1Cover once again.  

Emily was evacuated from Bali in need of emergency medical care after she was hit by a motorcycle. 

“We were walking to dinner, completely sober, and a bike lost control and fell on my ankle and smashed it.” 

Emily was taken to hospital, but misdiagnosed by Bali doctors.

“The medical report was, it’s just a sprain, just ice, rest, compress.” 

But as the pain turned into agony, Emily contacted us and we arranged for her to be flown home in business class on a Qantas flight. 

Back at home in Australia, X-rays revealed Emily had in fact broken her foot in four spots and required surgery with seven screws in her ankle. 




Emily's experiences haven't stopped her love for travelling 

Emily Gurr


Despite her misfortunes, Emily said she still loves Bali and will continue to travel there.  

“You can’t really live your life in fear. I love Bali and there are risks everywhere, it’s just about being careful.” 

She said she was very grateful she’d taken out travel insurance with 1Cover on both occasions.

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