“Are you an Aussie?” The not-so-choice question Kiwis hate to be asked

03/11/2016 - Media Release 

It seems there’s a sure-fire way to upset a Kiwi – suggest they’re an Australian. More than one in five New Zealanders are embarrassed to be mistaken for an Aussie according to a recent survey conducted by 1Cover Travel Insurance.

The survey revealed that 22 percent of New Zealanders have been mistaken for an Aussie tourist while travelling overseas and balked in horror at the very suggestion. On the other hand, only four per cent of Australians have taken offence when mistaken for a Kiwi.  

So, why do the New Zealanders despise being erroneously labelled a Vegemite lover? Apart from the Wallabies lack of prowess on the rugby field as of late, 1Cover‘s survey also revealed that 10 per cent of Australians under the age of 29 think it’s good form to belt out the national anthem while in an overseas pub. Perhaps it’s those unruly and raucous renditions of “Advance Australia Fair’ or the famed ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie’ chant heard so frequently in London pubs and Bali bars that makes Kiwis feel the way they do. Or perhaps it’s the embarrassing cultural faux pas so many Aussies seem to specialise in. Ahem … Budgie Nine, we’re looking at you.

Trackside swimwear and cringe-worthy chants aside, there are a few tests that will help anyone struggling to distinguish an Aussies from a Kiwi … Ask them what they call the shoes they wear when going to the beach. Their answer will tell you exactly where home is. Or else point to the cold box holding the beers at a picnic and ask them what it’s called. Their response will tell you their origin immediately!

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