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1Cover Competition Winners

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  • The 1 Experience 2019
  • June - July 2019 - Shark Diving Experience Of A Lifetime in Port Lincoln, South Australia - Rhiannon M. (QLD)

    May - June 2019 - Pop-up dining experience in Margaret River, Western Australia - Mitchell B. (VIC) 

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  • Next Travel Date 2019
  • July 2019 - Karli B. (VIC)

    June 2019 - Steven B. (VIC)

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  • The One Thing 2019
  • April 2019 - $5,000 Win Back The Cost Of Your Holiday - We are contacting you! 

    March 2019 - $5,000 cash giveaway - Irene K. (QLD) 

    January - February 2019 - $10,000 Win Back The Cost Of Your Holiday - Nadia H. (NSW)

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  • Christmas Daily Dollars 2018
  • 1. Vanessa A. (WA)

    2. Karen M. (WA) 

    3. Vanessa R. (WA)

    4. Justin A. (NSW) 

    5. Sharon G. (WA)

    6. Robyn C. (QLD) 

    7. Judith D. (NSW)

    8. Sarah L. (VIC) 

    9. Bodie G. (WA)

    10. Elizabeth C. (NSW)

    11. Chantal S. (QLD)

    12. Catherine L. (NSW)

    13. Larissa O. (NSW)

    14. Fiona L. (QLD)

    15. Flariry C. (NSW)

    16. David B. (ACT) 

    17. Callan R. (VIC)

    18. Wendy F. (QLD)

    19. Daniel P. (NSW) 

    20. John D. (WA) 

    21. Jun R. (VIC)

    22. Stephen V. (NSW)

    23. Michael H. (NSW)

    24. Phoebe C. (VIC)

    25. Emilie J. (NSW)

    26. David R. (NSW)

    27. Benjamin M. (VIC)

    28. Jacqueline K. (VIC)

    29. Erica H. (NSW)

    30. Patricia M. (NSW)

    31. Michael G. (NSW)

  • The One Thing 2018
    • ​November 2018 - $5,000 Cash Giveaway Winner Rebecca W. (WA)

      October 2018 - $5,000 Shopping Spree Giveaway Winner - Philip W. (NSW)

      September 2018 - $5,000 Cash Giveaway Winner Carol C. (NT)

      August 2018 - $5,000 Flight Vouchers Winner Jahmanie S. (NSW)

      June 2018 - $1,250 Weekly Travel Cash Winners
                          Week #1 - Samuel T. (WA)
                          Week #2 - Chris G. (VIC) 
                          Week #3 - Sarah R. (QLD) 
                          Week #4 - Stephen E. (NSW)

      May 2018 - $5,000 Flight Vouchers Winner Imogen B. (NSW) 

      April 2018 - $5,000 Westfield Shopping Spree Winner Ina S. (QLD) 

      March 2018 - iPad Pro Winners
                            Week #1 - Joanne W. (NSW) 
                            Week #2 - Alicia W. (WA)
                            Week #3 - Erana H. (NSW)
                            Week #4 - Jacqueline H. (VIC)

      February 2018 - $5,000 Flight Voucher Winner Samuel C. (NSW)

      Find out more about The One Thing competition here

      Find out about the T&Cs on our Competition Terms page. 

  • July Daily Dollars 2018
  • 1. David M. (QLD)

    2. Nathan L. (VIC)

    3. Ashton H. (VIC)

    4. Anna E. (NSW)

    5. Christine B. (VIC)

    6. John Y. (NSW)

    7. Sylvia H. (QLD)

    8. Martina Z. (QLD)

    9. Uy D. (VIC)

    10. Brodie K. (NSW)

    11. Johanna O. (SA)

    12. Ross D. (VIC)

    13. Wayne M. (NSW)

    14. James C. (QLD)

    15. Ashley D. (NSW)

    16. Sadie C. (VIC)

    17. Jack S. (WA)

    18. Meg D.

    19. Yaron R.

    20. Domenica D.

    21. Julie B. (WA)

    22. Nathaniel J. (VIC)

    23. Sylvia A (NSW)

    24. Kylie S. (ACT)

    25. Robert B. (NSW)

    26. Akshay A. (QLD)

    27. Keegan B (NSW)

    28. Rachel W (QLD)

    29. Robyn P (WA)

    30. Naznin S. (WA)

    31. Koby W. (WA)

  • Christmas Daily Dollars 2017
  • 1. Craig W, (QLD)

    2. Lukas P, (NSW)

    3. Jasmine B, (QLD) 

    4. Sean V, (VIC)

    5. Linda A, (VIC)

    6. Jessica R, (VIC)

    7. Oren S, (VIC)

    8. John H, (WA)

    9. Alexandra L, (NSW)

    10. Tracy A, (NSW)

    11. Anthony S, (WA)

    12. Maree M, (WA) 

    13. Rachelle A, (NSW)

    14. Joanne N, (VIC)

    15. Mary W, (NSW)

    16. Megan T, (NSW)

    17. Jeremiah D, (NSW)

    18. Michelle M, (WA)

    19. Mark M, (NSW)

    20. David B, (NSW)

    21. Michaela M, (NSW)

    22. Peter D, (NSW)

    23. Robert K, (WA)

    24. Daryl B, (QLD)

    25. Lisa C, (QLD)

    26. Emma P, (QLD)

    27. Sharon M, (NSW)

    28. Zoe W, (WA)

    29. Rachel Z, (WA)

    30. Nicole W, (QLD)

    31. Marvi, (WA)




Travel Insurer Of The Year 2019

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Since 2003, we've provided travel insurance to more than 1.5 million happy customers around the world. We don't focus on anything else but travel insurance, and that makes us specialists in the field.

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1Cover won 2019 Travel Insurer of the Year. is Australia's first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site, and they provide a totally unbiased platform where people can rate and review products and services. 

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Our Call Centre is based in Sydney and is open seven days a week. Whether you're buying a policy or making a claim, you can be sure one of our caring, knowledgeable customer service legends will be able to help you out. 


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The one time you really need travel insurance is in case of emergency. With 1Cover, you have 24/7 emergency assistance at all times - so when one thing goes really  wrong, we'll be there to help you.  

Pre-Existing Medical Cover

Unlike many other travel insurers, we automatically cover 35 conditions under our policies. We know everyone is different and that's why our medical team assess each pre-existing condition on a case by case basis.

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If you want your claim paid quickly, and you don’t want to deal with a complicated claims process, then use 1Cover. Just make sure you have all your receipts and relevant documents handy.