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Your Guide To over-60s cruise holidays

Cruises have always been popular with senior travellers. The difference these days is many other types of travellers are in on the secret, but all that means is more choice for everyone, across the board. So whether you want to set sail on the rivers of eastern Europe, explore the Arctic, bask in the warm rays of the South Pacific, or stay close to home, there’s a cruise to suit you and your needs.

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best cruise lines for senior cruise travellers

We’ve compiled the below for over-60 first timers and experienced sailors alike. There’s a confusing sea of information out there, but we’re here to help you navigate it all.


Ponant Cruises

Ponant Cruises

Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s first luxury icebreaker, lies on the adventure and luxe side of cruising. What was once the territory of industrial ships is now open (well, it opens in 2021…) for exploration. Also, there’s an emphasis on luxury with Ponant, so rest assured - you’ll be travelling in comfort. Plus, if you want to take the luxury to the next level, you can also upgrade to cabins that include butler service. But if you can't wait until 2021, check out the rest of the luxury cruiseliners in the Ponant Cruises fleet.


Viking Cruises

Viking cruises

Viking Cruises is perfect for history buffs who like the grander things in life. Whether you’re aboard their river cruises that take you through Europe, Asia or Egypt, or want to drift on the deep blue ocean, these cruises will take you there in style. With an onboard historian, local wine tastings and performances based on the destination’s preferred form, these cruises truly immerse you in culture.
Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises gets the thumbs up for its adult-only pool (on select ships) and The Sanctuary zone. And with its onboard casinos, it’s also a good choice if you fancy yourself a dab hand at cards. In fact, USA Today named it the Best Cruise Line for Gamblers. Of course, you can get a mental workout in other ways too, including the Princess Cruises Book Club, and some cruises even have tai chi. TIP: If you don’t fancy travelling via air to get to a cruise, one of the Princess’ cruises from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth could be your best bet. Also, if accessibility is a priority, the Princess fleet also has 350 wheelchair accessible cabins.



Tricks and tips for senior cruise travellers

It doesn't have to be a daunting prospect. If you arm yourself with all the info, it could be your best holiday yet.


Tip #1: Plan ahead
Plan for any special needs you might have in advance. For example, make sure your room has refrigerators if you require medication that needs to be a certain temperature. Book as early as possible if you require a wheelchair accessible stateroom, and double-check with the cruise liner that they can cater to any specific needs.


Tip #2: Read the fine print
It may sound obvious but forgetting documents happens all the time on cruise ships. Make sure you organise all visas and documents you may need in advance, to avoid what happened to this poor couple.


Tip #3: Focus on the Bigger picture
Whether your attention is fixed on the destination or grabbing a bargain, make sure the cruise ship you’re looking at ticks as many boxes as possible. Are you interested in the entertainment on board? What demographic is it geared towards? What amenities does it have? Does it provide the support you or your partner need? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.


Tip #4: Consider going the long-haul
If you’re retired, 100-plus day world cruises are a winning way to see the world in comfort. Why not set up shop on a winding cruise around the globe and enjoy the ride.

hand sanitiser

Tip #5: keep some hand sanitiser on you
Getting gastro on holiday is not fun for anyone involved.
Small pre-cautions like this could prevent you being stuck in the bathroom. 


Tip #6: Be realistic when considering shore tours
When booking shore tours, make sure you’re physically up to the task. If the cruise line doesn’t have enough information about how arduous or long the tour is, get in touch with them to get the details.

take care

Tip #7: Take care of yourself
Don’t over-exert yourself and remember - you’re on holiday. If you have an action-packed schedule, try to pepper it with some downtime.


Tip #8: If solo, get connected
If travelling solo, join in group activities such as cooking classes and some group tours so you can hobnob with new, friendly faces. Also, have a look at our Solo page for a rundown of cruise ships with solo cabins. Cruise Critic also recommends solo travellers have a look at river cruises - the  competition means that they have regular sales that drop the ‘single supplement’ fee.


Tip #9: Don’t forget to look at the weather at your destination.
It's important to have a breakdown of the weather from region-to-region. Some people don't mind cruising in cooler climes, but if you want to spend most of your time on sun-bed, it pays to check. 


Tip #10: Check your meds
Make sure you have enough medication to cover your whole trip. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and not all medicines are readily available on a cruise ship. 


Tip #11: Grab a bargain
Aside from senior specials, there are usually some good deals to be had, so have a peek at some of your favoured cruise lines and see where they’re going.

get covered

Tip #12: Make sure you’re covered
Talking about peace of mind - take out cruise specific travel insurance. Even if you have health insurance, it doesn’t mean you’re covered. Take a look at 1Cover’s Cruise Insurance Pack. On top of this, take some extra precautions with your goods and leave anything valuable at home.




Senior Cruising fAQs 

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