Do Any Restrictions Apply to The Winter Sports Pack?

Age Restrictions

The Winter Sports Pack add-on is only available to customers aged 64 years and under.

Cover Restrictions

The Winter Sports Pack does not provide cover for claims under Permanent Disability or Personal Liability that arise from you participating in winter sports activities.

Activity Restrictions

We don't cover Backcountry Skiing due to the high risk of skiing in a sparsely inhabited rural region over ungroomed and unmarked slopes. We provide cover for amateur heliskiing so long as it does not involve any form of racing, acrobatics, jumping aerial, stunting or freestyle, Skiing and snowboarding must be within a short distance from designated areas of ski resort boundaries on groomed terrain that are open and patrolled by the ski resort. See PDS for more details.


And if you want some insider advice the best places to go skiing, look no further than our in-depth Guide to Your Best Skiing holiday

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