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If My Bag Is Stolen Will I Be Covered?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to provide coverage for luggage and personal belongings that are classed as unattended and unsupervised.      


Broadly speaking, if an item is unattended, it means an item that wasn’t on your person at the time of loss, or that was left with a person other than your relative or travelling companion. “Unattended” can also mean the item was left in a position where it could have been taken without your knowledge/without you being able to stop it being taken (this includes the beach or besides the pool).


If an item is left unsupervised, this could mean leaving the item with a person who is not named on your certificate of insurance or who is not a travelling companion/relative.It could also mean leaving an item with someone who is named on your certificate of insurance but you doesn’t keep an eye on these items.


For a full definition of what is defined as unsupervised and unattended, please check the PDS for details.


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