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1Cover is giving away $1,000 every day for the entire month of July and it's all just a little bit exciting! So, what would you do with $1,000? Here are just a few ideas ...

1 Exhilarating Queenstown Experience For Two

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world, and with good reason. From bungy jumpy to white water rafting, visitors (and locals) are spoilt for choice when it comes to exhilarating activities. Take $1,000 across the ditch, and you and a mate will be able to take a ride on the famous Shotover Jet Boat, before getting your combo ticket for the Nevis Bungy and Swing. Are you an adrenaline-junkie? Be sure to check out 1Cover's full list of activities they cover

2 Experience The Grand Canyon From Above And Within

Grand Canyon Helicopter

Got a spare $1,000 and looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience in the States? Maverick Helicopters' runs several full-day helicopter tours that first take you over this spectacular natural wonder of the world, before flying you into the Canyon's depths. There are also tours that includes the helicopter flight as well as river rafting along the Colorado River and around the famous Hoover Dam.

3 Fly Business Class To Bali

Bali Pagodas

From basically all capital cities, you'll be able to fly business class to Bali for less than $1,000. Sure, your ticket may only be one-way - but you're flying business class so who cares!? And once you’ve arrived, Bali's a very affordable holiday destination, so you'll have a few extra dollars to get a flight back home, even if it is economy. 

4 An Unforgettable Dining Experience in Modena

Fine Dining

Owned and run by chef Massimo Botturo, Osteria Francescana is a three-Michelin-star restaurant set on a quiet cobbled street in quaint Modena in northern Italy. Named World Best Restaurant 2018, this  restaurant promises a truly memorable culinary experience. Bundle up your $1000, call your favourite dining partner, and prepare your palate for a 12-course tasting menu that you'll never forget.

5 Private Gondola Serenade in Venice

Gondola In Venice

Ever dreamt of cruising Venice’s Grand Canal under the stars? For a touch under $1,000 you can. Embrace the ultimate in cheesy romance, cuddling up with your better half while gliding through the waters of Venice's famous Grand Canal and it's quieter off-shoots. Along the way, musicians will set the mood performing classic Italian tunes. That’s amore!

6 Become A Scottish Laird Or A Lady 
Scottish Countryside

For $1,000 you can purchase a 1000sqft of land in Lochaber, Scotland. Yep, that's right. You may not be able to afford property in Sydney, but the Scottish highlands is another story. Find out more here. After you've purchased your plot, don the tartan and jet over to check out your new block. Have a read of our UK Guide before you do.

7 Treat Yo' Self in San Francisco 


Ever wondered what it's like to live like a superstar? Treat yourself to this opulent facial at San Francisco's Spa Radiance and you'll know ... for three hours at least! Loved by A-listers and skincare zealots alike, the Grand Luxe Red Carpet Facial is anything but an everyday facial, lavishing skin with everything from a diamond peel exfoliation, non-surgical 'face lift', a caviar mask, and so much more. Basically, it features everything you could want for total skin rejuvnation. The price? A measly $750USD!  

8 Go glamping in Capertee valley

Capertee Valley

To round off the list, we've got a tip that's closer to home: spending a weekend in a luxurious bubbletent in the middle of Capertee Valley, the widest canyon in the world. It's a mere three hour drive from Sydney, and for about $1000, you can get two nights in completely secluded, see-through bubble tent. Gaze at the stars and appreciate the incredible beauty around you...with the pleasures of climate control, a wood-fired bathtub and a fire pit. Out in the wild with even more comfort than you'd get at home? Start dreaming (and booking) here.  

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