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Packing For A Cruise - The Essential Items To Never Forget

Cruise Packing Essentials


By Juan Cruz 

Packing for a holiday can be stressful enough. Between baggage allowances, seasonal differences, daywear, evening wear, and deciding whether you can functional over favourite in the fashion stakes, it just gets a bit much. Throw a cruise ship in for good measure and you’re bound to feel a little bit overwhelmed. That's why we've put together this list of 10 items that are essential for any cruise holiday. 

1 Wind Jacket

It can get very windy on the deck of a cruise ship when the cruise is in motion. Grab a wind jacket and shove it in that bag. They’re generally pretty light and will take up little room.


2 Power Board


One thing you may find on some cruises is a lack of power outlets in cabin. Bring a power board with you and keep your gadgets juiced up and ready to get your holiday snaps, trim your beard, or check you and your BFF in upon arrival at Fiji.

3 Secure Backpack


A backpack comes in handy on day trips. We advise one with multiple compartments and an opening that cannot be easily undone. Add a coded padlock to the zip for extra safety (just be sure to remember the code or write it down somewhere safe).

4 Travel Insurance


Travel insurance is essential when travelling anywhere, but particularly so when on a cruise. Medical expenses when at sea are extremely expensive as is on-board medical attention. 1Cover policies with our Cruise Pack add-on will provide you with unlimited cover for medical, emergency evacuation, as well as cover you for lost luggage, damaged or stolen personal belongings, cancellation, and much more. Find out more about our cruise travel insurance here.

5 Hand Sanitiser


Outbreaks of gastro, flu, and other such illnesses are common on cruises. Sanitiser will help to prevent you from getting sick.

5 International SIM Card


Using the ship’s phone and Wi-Fi services can be expensive. Load a SIM card with credit in case of any emergencies.

5 Univeral Power Adapter 


Most cruise ships have European power outlets, but best to get a universal one just in case.

5 Small and sturdy Umbrella 


Cruises often visit numerous countries, and that means different weather! Pack aquality travel umbrella so you can shelter yourself from any rain you encounter and enjoy the day out off the ship.

5 Formal Wear 


There is almost always a black-tie event on cruise. It’s up to you whether you don the three-piece suit or ball gown or instead opt for a smart casual look, but it’s good to have a least one outfit beyond thongs, shorts, sarongs and a kaftan. Bit of a tip –polyester evening wear may not look as flash but it won’t crumple as much in your bag.

5 Medical Supplies


Cruise doctor’s visits are expensive, and can be a flat rate per consultation, even for something as simple as applying a Band-Aid! Create your own little first-aid kit, including such items as paracetamol, Band-Aids, tweezers, antiseptic, cotton buds, and lip balm.


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