Overseas Medical & Hospital Expenses

For many Australian's a holiday overseas is relaxing and full of great memories but for others, what was supposed to be a great adventure turns into a travel nightmare. Travel insurance can help eliminate as many risks as possible.


What's Covered?

  • Medical & Hospital Expenses. We will reimburse the reasonable medical or hospital expenses that are incurred until you get back to Australia.*
  • Emergency Dental Treatment. We will pay the cost of emergency dental treatment up to the maximum amount of $1000 per person.*
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation. We will arrange medical evacuation of seriously ill or injured 1Cover travellers.
  • Medical Support. We'll provide full medical support from hospital to hospital, or from hospital to the family home or treatment facility.


What's Not Covered?

  • Make sure you get your pre-existing conditions approved when you purchase cover. We won't cover any medical or hospital expenses for undeclared or unapproved pre-existing conditions or those on our exclusion list.
  • Make sure you contact 1Cover as soon as practical. We will not pay for any expenses for medical or hospital expenses if you haven't contacted 1Cover as soon as practical.
  • Make sure you follow any advice from 1Cover. We will not pay if you decline to promptly follow the medical advice1Cover have obtained and we will not be responsible for subsequent medical, hospital or evacuation expenses.
  • We won't cover you after two weeks treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist or dentist, unless approved by 1Cover.
  • If you receive medical care under a Reciprocal National Health Scheme. You can get help with the cost of essential medical treatment in some countries under the Australian Government's Reciprocal Health Care Agreements.
  • See the PDS for full details of what is and isn't covered.


Medical Emergencies Cost Thousands

Here are just some of the medical emergencies that our travellers have experienced: 

  • A woman was admitted to hospital in the USA with a brain aneurysm. The medical expenses alone came to more than $1 million.
  • An elderly woman suffered a fall on-board a cruise ship and fractured her femur. The air ambulance from Port Vila to Sydney cost $36,100.
  • A husband and wife were admitted to hospital in the USA after their motorcycle was clipped by a truck. Medical bills in the USA and repatriation by two registered nurses came to $350,000.
  • An Australian travelling in southern Italy was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The repatriation, which involved two air ambulances and Patient Transportation Compartment on a commercial airline, came to $183,306.
  • A traveller competing in an ultra-marathon in Egypt became critically unwell when dehydration progressed to rhabdomyolysis {muscle breakdown). The patient was air ambulance to Frankfurt where he stayed until he was well enough to be repatriated home via commercial stretcher to Australia. Costs were approximately $150,000.


Learn More About What's Covered With 1Cover

Overseas Medical AssistanceOverseas Medical Assistance

Our 24/7 emergency medical hotline is there to assist you whenever you need. 

Family InsuranceFamily Emergency

Our policies are designed with your family in mind

Theft Of CashTheft Of Cash

We provide cover for theft of cash and travellers cheques. 

Overseas Emergency Medical ExpensesOverseas Emergency Medical Expenses

We'll reimburse reasonable medical or hospital expenses. 


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