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Bungee Jumping Travel Insurance

Jumping off a bridge on your holiday? Here's some fast facts about this adventurous sport: 

  • The most common injuries from bungee jumping are dislocations, rope burn, back injuries and eye trauma. 
  • A bungee cord can stretch up to three times it's actual length.
  • The highest commercial bungee jump in the world is 233m off the Macau Tower in China.
  • The James Bond film Golden Eye featured the largest bungee jump ever performed at the time in 2002.

Keep reading to find out what travel insurance can help you with if you’re planning to go bungee jumping on your holiday.

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What do we cover if you're going bungee jumping?

If you find yourself in trouble, we might be able to help: 

  • Bungee jumping is automatically covered under our travel insurance policies. See the PDS for details
  • For most policies (except Domestic policies), we provide medical and hospital assistance, and medical evacuation (if it's deemed necessary) 
  • Depending on your policy, you could also be covered for pre-paid activities that you miss out on because you're unable to travel. 

what don't We Cover If you're going Bungee jumping?

You won’t be covered for anything arising from your bungee jumping if:

  • You’re under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or drugs (except a prescribed drug)
  • You’re part of a competition or bungee jumping professionally (not recreational)
  • You don’t follow instructions and/or wear the appropriate safety equipment
  • You go bungee jump with a pre-existing medical condition that affects your bungee jumping and you never told us about it. 
  • You bungee jump with a unlicensed operator.


The one bungee jump you have to do

By Award Winning Travel Writer Ben Groundwater


If you’re not scared, you’re not doing it properly. If you can stand there on the lip of the Kawarau Bridge with a rope tied around your ankles, your toes wiggling above the precipice, the river rushing far below, and not feel some twinge of fear, then you’d have to question your sanity. This is not the highest bungee jump in the world. Not by a long shot. It’s not the scariest. It’s not the most extreme. But it is the original, and some would still say the best – and it’s frightening.

This is bungee jumping. It’s the act of leaping off something high and plunging towards Earth with only a large elastic band to save you. It’s a buzz; a serious thrill. It’s a different sensation to, say, sky-diving, where you don’t get that ground rush, where you’re so high above the ground that everything seems abstract and unreal. When you’re bungee jumping though, it’s real. The ground is real. The jump is real. And it’s amazing.

Kawarau Bridge, near Queenstown in New Zealand, is the world’s first permanent commercial bungee jumping site, set up the 1988. It’s now one of three jumps in the Queenstown area, along with the “Ledge”, a 47m jump, and the Nevis, a whopping 134m leap. The world’s highest commercial jump is currently in Macau, a knee-trembling 233m tumble from the top of Macau Tower. There’s also a 220m leap at Verzasca Dam in Switzerland, and a 216m drop from Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.

All of those are most definitely scarier than Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand. However, this is the original. It’s the OG. It’s a beautiful location, it’s easy to get to, it has an excellent safety record… and it’s still scary enough.   

DISCLAIMER: The views stated are the views of the author only, are written for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as advice in regards to insurance or otherwise.

Award Winning Travel Insurance

1Cover awards

Stay safe: Bungee Jumping Top tips 

  • Jump with a reputable company

    A licensed bungee jumping operator will have well-maintained equipment and strict safety practices. Avoid operations that don't look reputable. As with all adventure activities - safety first! 

  • Follow Instructions

    Reputable jump operators will be trained and qualified, so do exactly as they tell you to do. They’ve dealt with plenty of scared people before! 

  • dress appropriately

    Wear comfortable clothing. If you opt to wear shoes, make sure they are enclosed and secure on your feet. And it’s your choice to wear a skirt, but chances are, it’ll end up over your head.

  • Be committed - but it’s okay to change your mind

    Accidents can happen when people hesitate or change their minds at the last minute, so stay focused. However, if you really can’t do it, make sure that you give the operator adequate notice. 

Bungee Jumping FAQs

  • Will I be covered if I miss my bungee jumping booking?
  • You would have a provision to claim for Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits of unused travel arrangements if you have to cancel your trip or your trip is shortened due to claimable events such as your injury or illness and the fees cannot be recouped from the provider. We do not provide cover if you forgot to set your alarm and sleep in.

  • My doctor has advised i don't go bungee jumping on my holiday. Will i still be covered?
  • We would not be able to provide medical cover for you if you are going against medical advice. 

  • How much am I covered for if something happens to me while I’m bungee jumping?
  • Provided are within the parameters stated in the PDS, and you don’t have a Domestic or Frequent Traveller Domestic policy, then the medical benefit we offer is unlimited.Terms and conditions apply. Please note that we do not cover for Search and Rescue.

  • What if i need medical assistance after I've been bungee jumping?
  • In an emergency, get yourself to hospital. As soon as it is possible, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call our medical assistance team who will be able to liaise with you or the hospital.



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