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natalie smith


Natalie is Head of Marketing at 1Cover. With over 10 years of insurance experience under her belt, she can answer your trickiest travel insurance questions. Natalie has written about credit cards, seniors travel insurance, pre-existing medical conditions to name a few, and has published more than 50 articles. Her stories have featured in publications such as Yahoo, The Daily Mail, 9honey and more. Natalie also holds a certificate in Tier 2 General Insurance General Advice and GICOP.

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Natalie's articles

Bali Travel Insurance

Bali is the most popular destination for Aussies to travel to. Make sure you have your cover packed down before you head to the Island of the Gods. 

Scooter Cover

If you're planning on hiring a scooter on your trip, it's essential to understand your travel insurance cover. Learn what's covered and what's not for your scooter adventure. 

Jordon Hunt Case Study

This could happen to you! On the last day of her Balinese holiday 23 year old Jordon Hunt got on the back of a scooter and the next thing she remembers is a four-wheel drive coming straight towards her at 60 km/h.