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Jane Peeters' $35,000 cruise calamity


Jane Peeters’ eagerly awaited cruise to Antarctica was derailed by Auckland’s floods in 2023. Despite being caught out by a natural disaster, both her cruise company and booking agent refused to reimburse her. Thankfully, Jane was covered with 1Cover.


Jane peeters

Jane (pictured right) on a previous holiday


As a keen cruise fan with an interest in polar exploration, Jane Peeters had been planning her cruise to Antarctica trip for some time. However, her ordeal began shortly after her flight from Brisbane stopped to refuel in Auckland.

I was on route to Argentina, where my cruise was due to depart from. At this point the flight (from Australia to Auckland) was a bit late, and it had already started raining. After about six hours we all got bundled off and told we weren't going to be going anywhere in a hurry because the airport had closed due to flooding.”

Jane says that due to rising waters, many of her fellow passengers were stranded and were forced to sleep in the airport. Although she was able to find some accommodation, her chances of getting to Argentina in time for her cruise were slim.

My flights were on different tickets, and I'd already missed the connecting flight from Santiago. So, I spent the whole night looking up alternative flights, even looking at bus routes. But no other flights were going to be available until the Thursday, and of course, by then my ship would have already left.”

After spending several nights stuck in Auckland, Jane eventually secured a flight back home to Queensland, minus her suitcase, which had also gone missing amidst the delays.

To make matters worse, Jane’s voyage fees of about $28,000, were completely non-refundable as advised by her cruise liner Polar Latitudes.

“The cruise company couldn’t offer me a refund because I’d cancelled too close to the departure date. You've got to cancel 120 days before your voyage to get any money back.”

Similarly, Jane’s booking agent, Mytrip, provided no reimbursement for her missed flights despite months of back-and-forth communication.



jane peeters 2

As a frequent traveller Jane says she 'always' takes travel insurance

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Jane $35,000 claim, covered by 1Cover

Thankfully, as Jane was forced to cancel her plans due to unforeseen reasons, 1Cover were able to cover her cruise fees in full.

Jane’s missed flight costs were also covered along with her lost deposits, accommodation and travel expenses.

The total cost of Jane’s claim came to an eyewatering $35,500.

Insurance has got to be considered as part of the cost of travel. You never know what’s going to happen. If you go on a cruise, what’s the likelihood you can’t get into a port? What if you’re stranded and can’t make your cruise? These are things you have to consider.” Jane Peeters

Keep calm and Take cruise cover

Cruise cover is non-negotiable, as evidenced through Jane's story. While it’s tempting to cut costs when planning a trip, travellers who choose to forego travel insurance do so at their own risk. Travel insurance policy prices can vary depending on your age and the length of your trip, it's important to put this cost in perspective. The following highlights some key considerations when investing in a cruise policy. 

  • The sooner you buy, the better

    Even if you’ve only paid a deposit, it’s worth buying travel insurance as far ahead as possible, to mitigate any risk that may affect your holiday plans. This way you have an opportunity to cancel and claim back your travel costs almost as soon as you’ve purchased your policy. 

  • The real cost of onboard medical care

    Medical expenses on board a cruise ship are usually far more expensive than most travellers expect.​​​​​​ And in an emergency you may be forced to evacuate to the nearest hospital. Without travel insurance, any medical fees and emergency transport expenses would be at your own cost

  • Medicare myth

    Contrary to common belief, Medicare does not cover those on board a cruise ship, even when sailing in domestic waters. That means that any medical expenses you incurred would be at your own cost.

  • Additional benefits

    Depending on your policy, cruisegoers may also be eligible for missed port and cabin confinement benefits should you fall ill. 


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