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emergency Companion cover

A travel companion is defined as a person who isn't your dependant, with whom you are travelling with for at least 75% of your journey. See the PDS for more details. 

What's Covered?
  • Reasonable additional expenses for you. Cover provided for your reasonable additional expenses for you to be with your travel companion if he/she cannot continue the journey due to an injury, illness or sickness.
  • Reasonable additional expenses for your travel companion. Cover provided for the reasonable expenses of your companion/relative to travel to you if you're in hospital from a serious condition or evacuated for medical reasons.

Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see PDS for full details.

what's not covered?
  • You or your companion didn't get any certified advice. You or your companion didn’t received advice from an authority that you/they are unable to travel.
  • Change of plans. If your travelling buddy changes their travel plans and you want to go with them, we don't cover this.
  • Third-party claiming. If you can claim your additional travel and accommodation expenses from someone else then we don't cover you.

Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see PDS for full details

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emergency Companion cover FAQs

  • Who Is classed as a travel companion?
  • A travelling companion, does not have to be a relative, it means a person who is not your dependant whom you are travelling with for at least 75% of your journey. See the PDS for more details. 

  • If my travel companion gets sick or hospitalised before our trip and can’t go can I claim for cancellation of my part?
  • Where you are unable to claim portions of your pre-paid travel from elsewhere (either another provider or your travel companion’s  insurance), then you may have a provision to claim on your Comprehensive policy. 

  • Who Has Authority To Speak/Act On My Behalf If I Become Seriously Injured/Unwell Overseas?
  • People in your travelling party, other people named on the policy, spouse or direct family members can act on your behalf if you become injured or unwell overseas.

    If you or a member of your travelling party needs emergency assistance please contact us.

  • Am I Required To Hand Over My Passport If I Am Admitted To Hospital?
  • You must not give anyone your original passport other than the police or airport authorities. Remember to photocopy your passport whenever you travel overseas. 



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