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How to make your cruise a nightmare


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Forewarned is forearmed. Read on to find out how your blissful cruise on the high seas can go belly-up...

1 You Ignore the fine print

You may not like it, but you need to read your travel insurance fine print. It may be dry. It may be dense. But make no mistake – not looking at the fine print can makes for a very expensive holiday. Take our word for it. We’re insurers. We know a thing or two about the importance of fine print.

2 You Miss the boat ... literally!

Not the best start, but if you take sensible precautions, your holiday won’t be over before it’s even begun. Should you run late to disembarkation, travel insurance can help catch you up with the ship at the next port, without paying a hefty fee. Check out the options in our Cruise Travel Insurance to see which insurance fits you best.

cruise ship

3 You Arrive too early

The early bird gets the worm but waiting at port for hours isn’t the ideal start to a holiday either. There’s no need to get to your departure port too crazy early. Be organised, be punctual, but be reasonable. Cruise ships are regimented beasts, and being super early won’t help you.

4 You don't think about your carry on bag

Oh dear! You’ll most likely be without your main luggage for several hours after you board the ship, and that’s why your carry-on is vital. It should contain important documents, a spare set of clothes for dinner, a swimsuit (and sunscreen, of course), and any medication you need.

5 You overpack

Instead of a seafaring oasis, your cabin looks like a hoarder’s retreat. While cruise luggage rules are  fairly lenient, take care not to overdo it. Before you set sail, make sure you check out Cruise Critic's Ultimate Guide To Packing For A Cruise

6 You get sick

hospital bed

Despite our best efforts, we can all fall prey to sickness while at sea. Despite their large capacity, cruise ships tend to cram large groups of people in relatively close quarters. It’s not surprising then, that cruises can be a hotbed for some nasty lurgies. A particularly insidious virus in the cruise world is norovirus. Norovirus is highly contagious and is notorious for sending travellers to the hospital bed with symptoms of vomiting, gastro and diarrhea. It’s also not killed by many common disinfectants.

Aside from nasty bugs, there can also be issues associated with storing fresh food for prolonged periods, leading to food poisoning. As well, cases of sunstroke are not uncommon, along with seasickness of course.

Fortunately, while you may not be able to guarantee good health come cruise time, you can certainly ensure you’re not out of pocket as a result of sickness. Our Cruise Travel Insurance covers you for cabin confinement and unlimited medical and emergency assistance while on your cruise.

7 You don't put your phone in flight mode

If you leave your phone on, you could be whacked with one hefty phone bill when you get back home. If you can get reception at sea, any calls, messages and data usage will be relayed via satellite rather than a mobile network, which can cost a pretty penny. If you simply cannot do without your phone, you can check with your provider to see if they have any cruise options and make sure your destinations are on the roaming list. It’s also worth checking out the options your cruise liner offers in regards to mobile phone data.

8 You End up in cruise jail

cruise jail

Most people look forward to a few cruise brews, but be careful not to overdo it. A bender could see you in jail and very much out of pocket. Not only will an insurer deny claims if the claimant was drunk at the time of injury, those pretty cocktails cost a pretty penny. And yes, cruise jail is a real thing!


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