Travel Insurance For Kids

Family holidays are wonderful, but they can also be expensive. That's why 1Cover covers your kids and grandkids for no extra cost.

At 1Cover, we want you and your family to be able to travel with total peace of mind, without having to outlay extra dollars for cover for the kids. That's why all 1Cover policies cover your kids/grandkids (dependants) for no extra cost on your policy. 

A dependant is defined as your child or grandchild not in full time employment, who is under the age of 19. In order to be classed as a dependant, the child must be travelling with a parent or grandparent at all times. 

If a dependant is listed on your policy, the benefits are shared. So if a certain benefit allows you to claim for an amount of $5,000, this $5,000 would be split amongst you and your dependants. If you want your dependant to have their own benefits (i.e, you’re both entitled to a full $5,000), then you both need to be on the policy has adults. 

If you have a child under 16 years of age that requires a single adult policy you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre to discuss your options.


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