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What Does "Pre-Existing Medical Condition" Mean?

In short, a pre-existing condition is an ailment, illness or condition that you had at any time in the 12 months before taking out your travel insurance policy.

It also includes some conditions that you may have had at any time in your life.   See our definition below and refer to our PDS for full details.

pre-existing medical condition(s) is:

1)  any medical, dental, physical or mental condition, defect, virus, disease or illness of which in the 12 months prior to the issue of the Certificate of Insurance, you were aware or should reasonably have been aware (due to symptoms a reasonable person in the circumstances would be expected to be aware of) and for which you (being all persons insured under the policy and set out in the Certificate of Insurance), your relative or travelling companion have:

• been diagnosed or had symptoms (even if a condition has not yet been diagnosed); or

• have been prescribed medication; or

• received (or are waiting for) medical treatment, including any kind of surgery;

• received (or are waiting for) tests, investigations or specialist consultation; and/or

• received or been advised to attend a follow-up consultation; and/or

• had surgery or attended a hospital or clinic (as an outpatient or inpatient)


2)  any of the below medical conditions which you, your relative or travelling companion had at any time in your life.

• heart conditions, including any cardiovascular or coronary heart disease or any condition related to your blood or heart vessels;

• any condition relating to your respiratory system, e.g. infections, and chronic diseases;

• kidney conditions and kidney disease; any physical or mental disability;

• any recurring illness;

• conditions involving the neck or back;

• any type of cancer.

This definition applies to You, Your Travelling Companion, and a Relative or any other person.


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