Jingle Bells, My Presents Fell! Are Damaged Or Lost Christmas Gifts Covered By My Travel Insurance?

21/12/2016 - Media Release 

Rushing crowds, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer on repeat, tinsel-cloaked trees, and houses lit up brighter than … well, Christmas trees. It’s the festive season once again, which means, for many, it’s time to pack up the suitcase and head off on holidays.

Let’s be honest, taking a trip at Christmastime can be a little stressful. Whether you’re begrudgingly heading to the in-law’s down the coast or taking that long-dreamed-of family trip to New York, there’s always a little more madness. Apart from having to deal with the manic Christmas crowds, overbooked hotels, people also have the added pressure of having to purchase Christmas pressies, and get them safely to the holiday destination. So, what happens if the worst does happen? What happens if that perfect gift you bought for your beloved gets broken somewhere between “Are we there yet?” and “Enjoy your stay!”?

Does Travel Insurance Cover Lost Or Damaged Gifts?

So the bag containing all the Christmas gifts has been stolen? Does that mean you’re going to be out of pocket a few hundred dollars as well as be sans presents on Christmas morning? Or will your travel insurance policy cover you for the loss?

“It all depends on the type of cover you have, and the circumstances surrounding the event”, Eddie Feltham, Director at 1CoverTravel Insurance, explained. “With 1Cover, most gifts would fall under the luggage and personal items cover, meaning people do have the right to claim if they are lost or damaged, so long the item is within the policy limits. 1Cover’s comprehensive cover covers up to $15,000 for a single, or $30,000 for a family. Those with more valuable items may wish to purchase additional cover for certain items up to $5,000.”

Most travel insurers have policy exemptions and place conditions on certain items, such as fragile items or sporting goods. Educating customers beforehand helps to minimise any unexpected surprises if a claim needs to be made.

“People should always review the policy before they purchase it, and ask their travel insurer as many questions as they need to fully understand the conditions of their cover,” Feltham said. “At 1Cover, we believe it’s so important people feel comfortable and confident that the policy they’ve chosen is right for them.

“We encourage people to always read the policy document before purchase, but we know these documents can be overwhelming. That’s why we place such emphasis on education, communication, and transparency,” he said. “We strive to have an open dialogue with our customers, before, during, and after the policy sale is made. We’re focused on customer experience, not just sales. We want people’s purchase experience and travels to be as stress-free as possible.”



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