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Going to schoolies? Whether you're heading to the Gold Coast or Bali it's always important to protect yourself with Travel Insurance from 1Cover.

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1Cover Travel Insurance Features & Benefits

We cover international and domestic trips for schoolies. Our international plans offer both basic and comprehensive levels of cover as well as annual multi trip policies for overseas trips if you travel often.

  • Peace of mind when overseas, for you and your parents! Schoolies can be a crazy time, give your parents peace of mind with even our basic level of cover offering unlimited medical cover.

  • Get the cover to suit you. Choose from basics, comprehensive or annual plans.

  • Cover for you and your belongings! Our plans cover emergency medical, luggage and personal effects, cancellation and lots more.

Unlimited Medical


Travel with total peace of mind. If anything goes wrong you've got unlimited emergency assistance and medical cover. 

Unlimited Cancellation


If the unexpected happens and plans change (which does happen!) you've got unlimited cover for cancellation fees or lost deposits.

Personal items cover

Luggage & belongings Cover 

We cover your personal items and luggage if they are lost, stolen or damaged, including includes mobiles, laptops, handbags, and more.

Rental Car Excess

Rental Vehicle

Planning to rent a car to get around on your overseas trip? We'll cover rental vehicle excess up to $5,000.

Activities Cover

Activities Cover

From white water rafting to bungee jumping, mountain biking to zip lining, our comprehensive policies provide cover for a multitutde of activities.

Long Trips

Long Trip Cover

If you love to take long trips or are about to take a big trip of a lifetime, our comprehensive policy offers can cover for trips up to 12 months long. 

Kids Cost No Extra

kids Cost No Extra

Kids and grandkids are included for no additional cost under all of our comprehensive policies if they are travelling with you for the entire trip.  

Three Policies To Choose From

Customise Your Policy

  • We understand everyone has different travel insurance needs. Our optional add-ons let you tailor your policy to suit you and your holiday. 

Travel Insurer Of The Year 2018

FAQs About Schoolies Travel Insurance

  • What’s The Difference Between An Annual Policy & A Single Trip Policy?
  • Our Multi Trip policy covers unlimited journeys over a 12 month period. Each individual trip can be up to 90 days long. Our Single Trip policies just cover that one single trip that you provide dates for at the time of purchase.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Having Travel Insurance For My Trip? 
  • When you travel it's all about the new and unknown which unfortunately means you never know what could go wrong. Things like medical emergencies while overseas could cost $50,000+, and then there's lost luggage, stolen belongings and delayed flights which are more expenses on top of an already costly holiday.
    Travel is unpredictable and travel insurance is there to help provide you peace of mind that when the unexpected happens, we'll be there to help out. We advise you to read the Product Disclosure Statement to make sure this product is right for you. If you have any questions please call our friendly call centre on 1300 368 344.

  • What Activities Are Covered Under 1Cover?
  • We cover a huge range of activities with our policies inclusing skiing, snowboarding, bungee jumping, abseiling and more. View a full list of activities covered under our 1Cover policies.

  • If I Am Having A Stopover Outside My Selected Country Will I Be Covered?
  • When you apply for the Policy you need to tell us where you are travelling to. The premium you pay for the Policy depends on your destination/s. The Policy only covers loss injury or illness which occurs in the countries you have told us you will visit; however all stopovers of up to 2 nights in countries other than the USA are also covered.
    NB. We’ll cover you for stopovers in the USA if you also nominate USA as a destination when you apply for cover.
    Cruises: If you’re going on a cruise, you must tell us every country the ship will visit. You will not be covered in countries you have not told us about.
    Travellers on domestic cruises in Australian Waters may also purchase Comprehensive plan to ensure cover is available for emergency medical assistance and emergency medical and hospital expenses.

  • What If I Have Already Left Australia, Can I Still Get Travel Insurance?
  • Yes. Our Already Overseas policies provide the same benefits as our comprehensive policy, meaning you get the same cover as our highest level of cover.
    You must be overseas when you purchase this policy, as it is designed for those travellers who have forgotten their insurance or decided to extend their trip. There are a couple of things that you need to know before purchasing this policy. There is a waiting period of 3 days, from the start date of your insurance, which applies to all claims arising from, related to or associated with any injury or sickness. There is also a non-removable excess of $200.


Exclusions That Schoolies Should Be Aware Of

There are many possibilities 1Cover Travel Insurance covers you for, but just like most insurance policies, there are some things you likely won't be covered for. Here are a few of the main ones.

    • You Had A Bad Schoolies Holiday.
  • Disappointing schoolies accommodation, misleading brochures, the food on the plane was inedible, your room was noisy, staff were rude, fellow guests were annoying and the entertainment was terrible. We don't cover loss of enjoyment so make sure you book carefully and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

    • You Were REALLY Irresponsible While Celebrating Schoolies.
  • While away from home you need to behave in a way that protects yourself to be covered. Think carefully about the decisions you make. If you're intoxicated or taking drugs (that haven't been prescribed), you pick up a sexually transmitted disease, or you're riding a motorcycle/moped/scooter and you do not have a current Australian licence to do so (or the driver doesn't) and your claim results from these actions, then Iyou may be in a lot of trouble. We simple do not cover you if you aren't thinking straight and aren't protecting yourself.

    • You Decided To Be The Ultimate Dare Devil.
  • There are many adventure activities that are covered, however, there are some that we just don't because the risk you are taking is extreme. These activities include: Parachuting, hang gliding, BASE jumping, gliding, mountaineering or rock climbing using ropes or climbing equipment. We aren't saying you can't participate in these activities, but if something goes wrong when you do, you won't be able to claim.

    • You Leave Your Belongings & They Get Stolen.
  • Leaving your things laying around is just asking for someone to take them so if you leave anything unattended or unsupervised, we won't cover this. Make sure you look after your items while on schoolies including your mobile phone (which is ojne of the most lost/stolen items while on Schoolies).

    • You Don't Get The Right Visa/Passport/Flight.
  • Incorrectly organising your trip isn't something we cover, so double check everything before booking and ensure you have the right documents for travel.

    • You Break The Law.
  • For obvious reasons we can't help you out here. Always adhere to local laws.

    • You Ignore Official Warnings
  • If a government or other official body have issued a specific "Do Not travel" or "Reconsider your need to travel" warning and you go anyway, you may be putting yourself in very serious danger and we will not cover any claim you make relating to this. Head to for the latest travel advice.

    • You Didn't Read The PDS And Thought You Were Covered. 
  • Never assume that you'll be covered for something - always read the PDS before purchasing to ensure the product is right for you. If you have any questions contact us - we're always happy to help.


Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please see the PDS for full details.

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Why Choose 1Cover Travel Insurance?

Trusted & Loved by 1.5 Million customers


Since 2003, we've provided travel insurance to more than 1.5 million happy customers around the world. We don't focus on anything else but travel insurance, and that makes us specialists in the field.

Award winning Insurance 

1Cover won Product Review’s 2018 Travel Insurer of the Year. Product Review is Australia's first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site, and they provide a totally unbiased platform where people can rate and review products and services. 

Local Call Centre

Our Call Centre is based in Sydney and is open seven days a week. Whether you're buying a policy or making a claim, you can be sure one of our caring, knowledgeable customer service legends will be able to help you out. 


24/7 emergency Assistance 

The one time you really need travel insurance is in case of emergency. With 1Cover, you have 24/7 emergency assistance at all times - so when one thing goes really  wrong, we'll be there to help you.  

Pre-Existing Medical Cover

Unlike many other travel insurers, we automatically cover 35 conditions under our policies. We know everyone is different and that's why our medical team assess each pre-existing condition on a case by case basis.

Fast Claims 

If you want your claim paid quickly, and you don’t want to deal with a complicated claims process, then use 1Cover. Just make sure you have all your receipts and relevant documents handy.

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