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By The Secret Traveller

You’ve worked the extra shifts, said no to the expensive dinners with friends, skipped the smashed avo for months, and now you've finally saved up that extra bit of cash for a long and well-earned holiday. You're dreaming of four weeks of "you time". Or that was until you realised just how expensive the countries you originally planned on visiting are. Never fear, hope is not lost. The secret is all about knowing where to go!

So before you throw your luggage out the window and ditch all ideas of an overseas trip, read on. As you’re about to discover, some of the world’s most spectacular destinations are also some of the most affordable. Destinations such as these …

1 Laos


Laos is one of South-East Asia true gems. Often eclipsed by her loud neighbours to its left and right, Thailand and Vietnam, Laos is a landlocked jewel that wins over all who visit with easy-going vibes, picturesque landscape, and a diverse heritage encompassing Buddhist spirituality, traditional Lao culture, and French colonial heritage. Oh, and the fact that it's so super affordable. While not as dirt-cheap as nearby Cambodia to the south, Laos can still easily be enjoyed in complete comfort on a budget of around $60AUD a day. And that includes comfortable guesthouse accommodation, tasty food, drinks, and sightseeing. Internal travel, such as buses, can be a little more expensive (compared to other countries in the region), but this won’t chew too much into your budget. Be a bit savvy on your Laos expedition and that $1,000 you’ve got could can quite easily last you for an entire month. 

2 Bolivia


Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries in South America, and that $1,000 you’ve got saved will take you a hell of a long way while you’re there. Bolivia’s capital city La Paz (which is where you’ll likely begin your trip) is the highest capital city in the world, set over 12,000ft above sea level. While its location is high, its costs are not. For as little as $50AUD a day, you can sort yourself out with a comfortable room, fill up on three meals a day, and still have cash to enjoy the sites and outdoor activities the region is renowned for. Bolivia is an outdoor thrill-seekers wonderland, and super-cheap organised tours are available for everything from multi-day hikes across treacherous terrain to downhill skiing on some of the world’s highest mountains.

Will Bolivia frustrate you and force you out of your comfort zone? Definitely. Things won’t run to schedule, the weather is ruthless and unpredictable, most locals won’t speak a lick of English (hot tip - learn a couple of basic Spanish phrases), and the terrain (both on- and off-road) is rugged to say the very least. That said, it’s worth it just to experience the spectacular Bolivian landscape and country's many geographical wonders, such as Salar de Uyuni or Catarata Arco Iris. Bolivia really will steal your breath and your heart all at once, while its colourful and unique culture will delight and intrigue. Bolivia may not be for faint-hearted but it delivers a lot of memories for a small amount of money. Imagine the number of memories you could make with $1,000!

3 India


A land of extremes in every way, India is a country that will challenge your thinking and change the way you see the world forever. One thing it won’t challenge is your bank account, making it an ideal destination for those on a budget or travellers wanting to stretch their coin. India is one of those magical places where you'll feel as though you've been living like royalty, only to realise you’ve barely spent a cent. A night in a guesthouse or hotel will cost as little as $25AUD. And unless you want fine dining, Indian fare is cheap nearly everywhere you go, with delicious Indian morsels costing just a few dollars. Speaking of eating, be careful where you dine in the hope you can avoid the dreaded Delhi Belly. Always opt for places that are busy and popular, with fresh dishes constantly coming out of the kitchen or off the grill. Top tip - India can be overwhelming and frustrating, but be patient and go with the flow. It’s all part of the fun!