7 Safety Tips For Older Travellers

Safety Travel Tips For Seniors


Just because you're sporting a few more silvers in your hair or a few more laugh lines on your face does not mean it's time to slow down on the adventure. Getting older is all about enjoying life and doing more of what you love. What better way to do this than by exploring the world. Here are a few tips to help keep your trips trouble-free and your holidays happy. 

1 Don’t Have Valuables On Display

ValuablesIn some cities, street crime and muggings are common. When visiting these destinations, try to avoid wearing flashy valuables, such as watches or rings, particularly if you are going to  be walking  at night . Keep cards, cash and traveller cheques close to your body where they’re not easily accessible by pickpockets, and if you are ever confronted by a mugger, never fight back. You never know if they've got a weapon and the potential danger isn't worth it.

2 Don't Promote Your Absence

Make Up My RoomWhile hotels are generally safe, savvy thieves sometimes take advantage of the fact that you can come and go quite easily in most hotels. And, unfortunately, older travellers are often seen as easier targets with more money and more expensive belongings. Don’t let thieves know you’re not in the room. That means no ‘clean my room’ sign on the door as this often means no-one’s inside. If you want your room cleaned, simply let them know at the front desk. 

3 Keep Friends & Family In The Know

Seniors Emailing HomeBe sure to keep your friends and family in the loop during your travels and let them know you’re safe (and having a great time). This could be as easy as sending a quick email every few days, creating a WhatsApp group or Facebook Messenger group and giving updates at regular intervals, or simply calling home. Also, give your loved ones an outline of itinerary before you go so they have an idea of where you should be and when.

If you take a day trip, it’s recommended you let the person at the front desk know, and give them an indication of when to expect to be back. If your plans do change, be sure to let them know.

4 Get Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance BookingTravel insurance is important for people of every age. It is an absolutely essential for older travellers, particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. You can find out more about 1Cover’s travel insurance for seniors here.


5 Wear Flat, Comfortable Shoes

Wear Comfortable ShoesA comfortable pair of shoes = a comfortable holiday and the right pair of shoes when you're travelling is a no-brainer. Imagine hiking through ancient Roman ruins and all you can focus on are the blisters on the soles of your feet! Flat and comfortable shoes don't just mean you can properly explore the destinations you're visting but they also help to keep you're steadier on your feet. If you’ve purchased a new pair of shoes for your trip,  here's a tip - take them for a proper test run before you depart. The last thing you want is to find out when you're already on your trip that the comfy looking shoes aren't so comfy after all. 


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