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heli-skiing Travel Insurance

Hitting the slopes on your holiday? Here are some fast facts about this popular winter sport: 

  • Heli-skiing was invented in Canada in the 1960s.
  • Some of the world’s most extreme heli-skiing is found, surprisingly, in Kashmir, India. 
  • Unlike other snow sports like skiing or snowboarding, heli-skiing is actually a team sport.
  • The heli-skiing season is longer than most people think, lasting until April in some countries. 

Keep reading to find out what travel insurance can help you with if you’re planning to go heli-skiing on your holiday. 

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What do we cover if you're going Heli-Skiing?

If you're taking part in any snow activities, you have to purchase our Winter Sports Pack to be covered.

The Winter Sports Pack covers you for emergency evaluation from the ski slopes, as well as cover for cancellations, piste closure, rental ski gear excess. We can also provide:

  • Coverage for amateur heli-skiing activities that don't involve any form of racing, acrobatics, jumping, aerial, stunting or freestyle
  • For most policies (except Domestic policies), we provide medical and hospital assistance, and medical evacuation (if it's deemed necessary)
  • Depending on your policy, you could also be covered for pre-paid activities that you miss out on because you're unable to travel. 

what don't We Cover If you're going heli-skiing?

You won’t be covered for anything arising from your heli-skiing if:

  • You’re under the influence of any intoxicating liquor or drugs (except a prescribed drug)
  • You’re part of a competition or heli-skiing professionally (not recreational)
  • You don’t follow instructions and/or wear the appropriate safety gear
  • You go heli-skiing  with a pre-existing medical condition that affects your heli-skiing and you never told us about it
  • You don't purchase a Winter Sports Pack.


The one place for first time heli-skiing

By Award Winning Travel Writer Ben Groundwater

There’s a mistake a lot of people make when it comes to heli-skiing. It’s got nothing to do with the actual skiing or snowboarding, with the thrilling journeys down mountains of untouched powder, those pristine slopes accessible only after setting down at the top under whirring rotors. It’s got nothing to do with getting into or out of the chopper. Nothing to do with the price people pay. Nothing to do with the locations selected.

The most common mistake people make is a conceptual one: believing that heli-skiing is only for experts, that you can only enjoy this pursuit if you’re seriously good at skiing or snowboarding. This thing is double-black-diamond only. Narrow chutes and unexpected cliff drops. Thick trees. Waist-deep powder. Vertical terrain.

Heli-skiing can, of course, be all of those things. If you want the experience to be hardcore, it can be seriously hardcore. But it doesn’t have to be. There are heli-skiing options – particularly in New Zealand – for skiers and snowboarders of many different levels. This adventure is suitable for a whole range of participants.

NZ is the place to go if you’re just finding your heli-skiing feet, just getting into the thrill of riding a helicopter to the top of an untouched, untracked ski slope. In the Southern Alps – around Queenstown, Cardrona, Wanaka way – there’s plenty of treeless terrain that does feature its fair share of steep bowls and badass chutes, but there are also gentle, rolling hills for those who would only be comfortable tackling blue runs on regular ski slopes. Here you’ll find that most people are ready to go heli-skiing right now.  

Another benefit of choosing New Zealand is that the prices aren’t prohibitively, stupidly high. Sure, this experience will cost you more than a bite to eat at Fergburger in Queenstown – but you won’t need to take out another mortgage on the house. When it comes to heli-skiing that’s a welcome change.

DISCLAIMER: The views stated are the views of the author only, are written for entertainment purposes, and are not intended as advice in regards to insurance or otherwise.

Award Winning Travel Insurance

1Cover awards

Stay safe: heli-skiing Top tips 

  • use Good quality gear

    Many ski injuries result from ill fitted or outdated equipment. Try not to borrow gear that you’re not familiar with, and if in doubt look for ski shops that have a decent rental supply.

  • get in shape

    Warming up and down, before and after you ski are important, but so is getting in shape before you set foot on the snow. When you’re in good shape you’ll have less chance of injuring yourself and also find you’ll have more fun once you get out there.

  • take regular breaks 

    Tiredness is a large contributor to snow injuries. Don’t be afraid to take regular breaks when you’re skiing. Take little ones in-between runs, or larger ones for lunchtimes or afternoon snack stops. This will also get you to slow down and appreciate the beautiful surroundings that you are in, instead of whizzing pass them, and taking them for granted.

  • know your limits

    If you are not entirely confident about tackling something, be it a more difficult run, or a larger than normal cliff drop, then don’t be afraid to give it a miss. It’s always better to be able to ski for your whole holiday rather than injure yourself during and miss out. 

  • respect the rules

    Whether you’re skiing in resort, or taking a once in a lifetime heli-skiing holiday always respect the rules. If a run is closed off, it's usually for good reason. Similarly, if a guide tells you to do something, make sure you follow their instructions. 

Heli-Skiing FAQs

  • Will i be covered if i miss my pre-booked heli-skiing?
  • You would have a provision to claim if you have a Winter Sports Pack  for unused travel arrangements if you have to cancel your trip or your trip is shortened due to claimable events such as your injury or illness and the fees cannot be recouped from the provider. 

  • My doctor has advised i don't go Heli-Skiing on my holiday. Will i still be covered?
  • We would not be able to provide medical cover for you if you are going against medical advice. 

  • How much am I covered for if something happens to me while I’m Heli-Skiing?
  • Provided you have a Winter Sports Pack, and are within the parameters stated in the PDS, and you don’t have a Domestic or Frequent Traveller Domestic policy, then the benefit we offer is unlimited. Terms and conditions apply. Please note that we don't cover for Search and Rescue. 

  • What if i need medical assistance after I've been heli-skiing?
  • In an emergency, get yourself to hospital. As soon as it's possible, we advise that you or a member of your travelling party call our medical assistance team who will be able to liaise with you or the hospital.

  • Am I covered for rental ski equipment hire excess? 
  • Yes, our Winter Sports Pack includes cover for Rental Ski Equipment Hire Excess. Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the PDS for further information. 

  • Will i be covered if i lose or damage rental winter sports equipment?
  • We do not directly provide cover for rental gear. However, we provide cover for Rental Ski Equipment Hire Excess. Terms and conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Please refer to the PDS for further information.

  • will the winter sports pack cover my heli-skiing equipment?
  • Yes, we provide cover for equipment that you own under our standard Luggage and Personal Effects benefit. Please note that this cover does not extend to when the equipment is in use. Limits apply. Please refer to the PDS for further information.



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