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Hey there Bali beach lovers! Are you dreaming of sipping cocktails by the pool, or dancing the night away under the stars? Then we have got the guide for you! We've combed the island to bring you a list of must-visit beach clubs where you can soak up the sun, dive into glittering infinity pools, and experience Bali's vibrant beachclub scene at its finest. So grab your sunscreen, slip on your shades, remember to pack your travel insurance and get ready for a journey through Bali's most iconic beach clubs. Let's dive in! 



1. Potato Head - Seminyak

Potato Head Beach Club
Photo Credit - Potato Head Beach Club Website []



Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak is an absolute gem! Located along the stunning Seminyak coastline, it's the ultimate spot for some serious relaxation and good vibes. Picture yourself lounging on comfy bean bags with a refreshing designer cocktail in hand, soaking up the sun. The beachfront infinity pool is where you'll find us, going for dips in the crystal-clear water and sipping on tropical drinks. Let's not forget about the mouthwatering nibbles on offer – from fresh seafood to tasty Indonesian bites, there's something to satisfy every craving. Whether you're here for a lazy day by the sea or a lively night out with friends, Potato Head Beach Club will be an unforgettable experience in paradise.

Free Entry

No minimum spend

Open 9am-2am on weekends

Lounge area options starting at 500kIDR

Live music

Anchor2. La Brisa -Canggu

La Brisa Beach Club
Photo Credit - La Brisa Beach Club Website []


‘La Brisa’ translates to sea breeze and this iconic spot certainly lives up to its name. This boho, eco-friendly venue was built with reclaimed wood from 500 fishing boats. If you fancy lounging on rustic wooden deck chairs, surrounded by palm trees and the sounds of the ocean, La Brisa might be the pick for you. The atmosphere here is effortlessly cool and relaxed. Whether you're sipping on ice-cold coconuts or snacking on delicious seafood straight from the grill, La Brisa feels like a true island escape. When the sun sets, the beach club transforms into a magical venue illuminated by fairy lights, perfect for a romantic dinner or lively drinks with friends. Regular events featuring international artists and DJ’s make La Brisa even more iconic. With its unbeatable beachfront location La Brisa captures the very best of Bali.

Free entry

Minimum spend 500kIDR

Open 10am-11pm

Lounge and cabanas minimum spend of 2,000,000IDR

Regular events


Anchor3. Sundays Beach Club - Uluwatu

Sundays Beach Club
Photo Credit - Ungasan Resort Website []


Sundays is one of the few beach clubs in Bali that actually sits directly on the beach, meaning you can spend your day with your toes in the sand. Also somewhat unique to Sundays are their free water sports options, like kayaking, snorkeling and stand up paddle boarding. We love the breathtaking cliffside setting, with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see. From light bites and salads to gourmet burgers there’s food to please everyone at Sundays, all being the perfect accompaniment to their tropical and delicious cocktails. Whether you fancy a chill day of relaxation or a little bit of fun and adventure, this is the place to be. 

Admission costs 650kIDR (250k admission fee, 400k food and beverage credit)

Open 9am-9pm

VIP bookings from 2.8M IDR

Live music




Anchor4. Ku De ta - Seminyak

Ku De Ta
Photo Credit - Ku De Ta Website []


Ku De Ta is peak sophistication and style. Located in the trendy Seminyak area, it’s a must-visit if you’re out for glamour by the sea. From the second you arrive, you'll love the chic vibes and ocean views. Sink into your plush daybed or relax in a private cabana, while the amazing staff show true Balinese hospitality. Take a refreshing dip in the glistening infinity pool or just sip on some handcrafted cocktails. When it comes to dining, expect nothing but the best, every bite is well-considered and delicious. After dark, Ku De Ta transforms, with live DJs spinning tunes and the chill, luxurious atmosphere turning lively. Come for a lazy day by the pool and stay for a glamorous night out, Ku De Ta is a unique experience of luxury and indulgence.

Day beds cost 2.4M IDR (fits up to 3 people)

Open 8am - late

Live music and other events


Anchor5. Tropical Temptations Beach Club - Nusa Dua

Tropical Temptations Beach Club
Photo Credit - Tropical Temptations Beach Club Website []


Tucked away in laid-back Nusa Dua, Tropical Temptation is the kind of spot where you can just kick back, relax and forget about the world. Picture perfect sandy shores, and crystal-clear waters – it's basically a postcard come to life. You can laze around on loungers, or maybe even try out some water sports if you're feeling adventurous. When hunger hits, they've got you covered with tasty snacks and ice-cold drinks served right to your bed. Plus, when the sun sets, the place lights up with a vibe perfect for a romantic dinner or just hanging out with friends. Tropical Temptation Beach Club is all about those laid-back Bali vibes that make you never want to leave.

Day beds cost 1.5M IDR

VIP cabanas cos 4M IDR

Open 10am - 9pm

Weekly events and live music


Anchor6. The Lawn - Canggu

The Lawn Beach Club
Photo Credit - The Lawn Beach Club Instagram @thelawncanggu


The Lawn in Canggu is right at the heart of this vibrant area, the ultimate spot for a fun day out. Think lush greenery, comfy bean bags, and a super relaxed vibe. Soak up the sun with a cold drink in hand or catch some waves, this place has it all. Hunger won’t be an issue as they've got a menu packed with delicious bites, from fresh seafood to delicious pizzas and pasta, there's something to please everyone. Plus, the atmosphere here is unbeatable, with live music and easy vibes that'll keep you coming back for more. The Lawn is all about good times and good vibes – a must-visit spot in Canggu.

Beanbags by the pool cost 350K IDR

Open 12pm-10pm (11pm on the weekend)

International DJ’s and artists


Anchor7. Finns Beach Club - Canggu

Finns Beach Club
Photo Credit - Finns Beach Club Website []


Finns is possibly the most iconic beach club in Bali. Known as the ultimate spot for travellers looking to party, Finns actually offers much more than just that. Located on Berawa beach, keep your toes in the sand while you enjoy gourmet food and cocktails and get ready for your floodlit surfing session later that night. Featuring 3 pools, 9 bars, 2 swim-up bars, 7 kitchens and 3 party restaurants, Finns really does have everything you could want from a beach club. Party under the stars and have the night of your life in one of Bali’s most iconic spots. 

Free admission

No minimum spend

Party beds cost 2.8M IDR (fits up to 6 people)

Open 10am - 12am

Regular events and live music


Anchor8. Le Pirate Beach club - Nusa Ceningan

Le Pirate Beach Club
Photo Credit - Le Pirate Beach Club Website [ ]


Le Pirate Beach Club in Nusa Ceningan is a hidden gem! Tucked away on a tiny island paradise, it's a true escape from reality. Imagine pristine white sands, with nothing but the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. Whether you're lounging with a cold drink in hand or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters, every moment here feels like a slice of paradise. The vibe here is super laid-back, with hammocks swaying in the breeze surrounded by coconut trees. You can also check out Le Pirate’s other locations on the famous Gili T, and in the castaway hotspot of Labuan Bajo in Flores. Le Pirate Beach Club is all about embracing island life and soaking up every moment of relaxation.

Island club packages from 285k IDR

Open 7:30am - 10pm


Anchor9. Ulu Cliffhouse - Uluwatu

Ulu Cliffhouse
Photo Credit - Ulu Cliffhouse Website []


  • Located at Bukit Peninsula, this beach club is literally bringing the beach club scene to new heights, perched on a 200ft tall cliff range. Being up so high you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Indian Ocean, plus a 25m pool, a recording studio, an art room and a menu full of delicious seaside inspired nibbles. Boasting a line up of regular events featuring international DJs and artists, Ulu Cliffhouse is where the party’s at. What more could you want? 

Free admission

No minimum spend

Open 8am - late

Live music and DJ’s


Anchor10. Minoo - Ungasan

Minoo Beach Club
Photo Credit - Minoo Website []


Minoo Beach Club is tucked away in the remote Ungasan at the southern tip of Bali, it's the kind of spot you stumble upon and never want to leave. Picture yourself chilling on a comfy beach lounger, cocktail in hand, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying a calm, relaxed vibe. Whether you're munching on tasty bites or just kicking back with friends, Minoo is the place to be. Plus, the views are insane – think endless blue seas and palm trees swaying in the breeze. With regular live music and DJ sets, Minoo Beach Club is all about chill vibes and good times by the sea.

Free admission

Minimum spend on weekends of 400-500K IDR depending on your seating area

Opening hours 12pm - 8pm

Twice weekly DJ sets

Ready to Party?

So there you have it – our guide to the best beach clubs in Bali! Whether you're craving relaxation, stunning sunset views, or a lively night out, Bali's beach clubs have got you covered. From Potato Head's vibrant vibes to Ku De Ta's luxurious charm, each spot offers its own unique slice of paradise. So grab your beach bag and bikini and get ready to soak up the sun in style at Bali's top beach clubs. Make sure you pack your 1Cover Travel Insurance along for the ride. Chill vibes, delicious drinks, and unforgettable memories, your Bali beach adventure awaits!




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