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Top Retreats in bali

Bali truly is an island paradise, and what better way to fully escape your routine than heading to paradise for a retreat? Picture this: waking up to the sunshine and the sound of lapping ocean water, with your day's itinerary full of yoga, meditation, spa treatments, fitness classes or surfing. 

Tuck yourself away in the serene settings of Bali’s jungles, or beaches and spend some time away from it all, focusing on you. Bali’s retreats are varied and plentiful, so no matter the goal for your trip, you’ll find the ideal retreat on Bali’s shores. Whether you want to meditate and relax, improve your surf skills, or crush your fitness goals at a bootcamp Bali has it all, so read on for our ultimate guide to all types of retreats in Bali.


All Rounder Retreat

Best of Bali Retreat by Village Thrive

Best of Bali
Photo Credit: Village Thrive Website []

This retreat covers all bases, and is our top pick for those looking for a well rounded trip with lots of experiences, and activities to choose from. This retreat is located in the heart of Canggu, you’ll be staying in the luxury Villa Belajar. With just 8 suites the villa has all the amenities you’ll need and gorgeous communal areas to mingle with your fellow retreat goers. All your food is included, as well as your airport pickup, transportation, and activities. The itinerary for this retreat is packed full, including a catamaran cruise, ziplining adventures, a trip around Canggu, cultural experiences, spa treatments and inspiring speaker sessions. The retreat is 5 days long and runs a few times a year, but book early to avoid disappointment.

AnchorHealth Retreats​​​​​​

Anchor1. Como Shambhala Estate

Como Shambhala
Photo Credit: Como Shambhala Website []

This estate in Ubud is available on a room only basis, if you just want some luxury surroundings during your time in Bali, but they also offer a number of wellness retreats, or ‘Wellness Paths’. This is a great option as it's relatively customisable, allowing you to pick which elements of your general wellness you want to focus on during your trip. The duration of the retreats here vary from three to seven days, depending on your preferences and which path you choose. The options vary from ‘Integrated Wellness’, the most holistic retreat, which provides you with personalised fitness, nutrition and wellness plans, therapy sessions, meditation classes, and sleep enhancement; to nutrition focused ‘Detox’ and ‘Nourish’ paths, which aim to help you restructure your eating habits. There is also the ‘Fit’ option which is focussed on yoga, pilates, breathwork and wellness classes. It’s easy to see why Como Shambhala ranks so highly as a wellness retreat, there truly is something for everyone.

Anchor2. Escape Haven at echo beach

Escape Haven at Echo Beach
Photo Credit: Escape Haven Website []

Located within walking distance of the centre of Canggu, this is a luxury, women’s only retreat. There are a whole host of packages on offer, from surf and fitness, to yoga or detox retreats, you’re spoiled for choice. Retreats here are 6 nights long, plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate. The longevity package at Echo Beach is the ultimate in total body rejuvenation, focussing on ‘biohacking’ technology. You’ll receive red light therapies, get to relax in infrared saunas and even get IV infusions of vitamins and minerals, this is a great reset for those feeling burned out or over worked. The healing package focuses on traditional Balinese healing techniques, and offers ultimate relaxation. Sunset ceremonies including cacao, letting-go and blessing rituals will leave you feeling revived and reconnected by the end of your stay.

Anchor3. Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat & Wellness Spa​​​​​

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat
Photo Credit: Sukhavati Website []

Nestled in the lush Badung, Sukhavati focuses on providing a sanctuary for rejuvenation and pure relaxation. You’ll be surrounded by the ultimate healing landscape of rice fields and rivers, to embark on a retreat for holistic healing and spiritual renewal. From luxurious accommodations to expertly crafted wellness programs, every aspect of the retreat is designed to nurture mind, body, and soul. Guests can choose from retreats focussing on traditional Balinese spa treatments, stress management, ayurvedic healing tailored for a host of ailments, or overall detoxing to help revive and rejuvenate.

Anchor4. REVIVO wellness resort

Revivo Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Revivo Website []


This resort is located in the hills of Nusa Dua, offering the ultimate serene setting. This specialist resort offers group retreats, but also signature solo retreats, tailored closely for your needs and goals. The minimum stay here is 3 nights, with the retreats focussing on nutrition, holistic wellness, nutrition and fitness. Group retreats run on set dates, and are all themed differently, these only run a couple of times of year so it's worth keeping an eye for a theme that suits you if you want to join in. There are 6 options for the signature retreats, ranging from detox and cleanse, to sleep well and reset and vitality and longevity. It’s all about your personal goals here so make sure you know what you’re looking for out of this retreat before booking. 

Anchor5. Bagus Jati

Bagus Jati
Photo Credit: Bagus Jati []


Located in the forests north of Ubud, Bagus Jati is a real oasis, with the fresh mountain air temperatures averaging between 20-25 degrees. There’s a whole host of retreat programs on offer, from yoga and meditation to spa treatments and detoxes. They also offer a couples wellness retreat for you and your significant other to relax and reconnect together. Your accommodation will be the height of luxury with deluxe villas, with views over the tropical forests as standard, organic fruit and vegetables grown on site and an on-call doctor at your disposal. 

AnchorYoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Anchor1. De Moshka Boutique Resort 

De Moshka Boutique Resort
Photo Credit: De Moshka Website []


This is a serene escape, nestled in Tanah Lot. This yoga-centric retreat embodies tranquillity, offering perfect options for those seeking a chance to practise yoga in the most picturesque of settings, surrounded by tropical gardens and overlooking the breathtaking rice fields. The accommodation includes spacious villas and cosy bungalows, guests are invited to immerse themselves in comfort and relaxation. The centre's retreat options are all yoga focused and varying in duration from 3 - 7 days. There are options including cultural experiences, ayurvedic wellbeing practices, yoga teacher training, and post natal yoga. This place is a dream for yoga lovers looking for a slice of paradise. 

Anchor2. FireFly Retreat

FireFly Resort
Photo Credit: FireFly Retreat Website []


FireFly sits in the treetops overlooking Lovina, North Bali, offering rolling wellness and yoga programs, meaning you can join any of their programs on any day, ultimate flexibility. This retreat goes beyond just the physical practice of yoga and aims to provide guests with an emotional and spiritual experience that will have profound effects on their lives outside of the retreat. FireFly is less of a luxury experience, and more of an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature, while practising yoga and meeting like-minded individuals from all parts of the globe. The retreat accepts people at all levels of their yoga journeys from beginners to advanced practitioners, just make sure you’re ready for a spiritual experience and to open your mind to new ways of thinking and practising yoga. 

Anchor3. Power of Now oasis

Power Of Now Oasis
Photo Credit: Power of Now Oasis Website []


Power of Now Oasis is a serene retreat in the beachfront village of Sanur specialising in Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training, which is a 200 hour, 27 day, gold standard course and customised health retreats. With a focus on mindfulness and living in the moment, Power of Now Oasis offers a variety of rejuvenating activities, including daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and holistic healing therapies. From eco-friendly accommodations to nourishing plant-based cuisine, every aspect of the retreat is designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Whether you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, become a yoga teacher, reconnect, or simply unwind, Power of Now Oasis offers a transformative retreat experience.

Anchor4. BaliTrees

Photo Credit: BaliTrees Website []


Located in Tabanan, this retreat is an offering from the local Ashram, Perguruan Seruling Dewata and the villagers of Sesandan, making it a truly unique and authentic experience. The focus of this resort is promoting sustainable eco-tourism in Bali, supporting local communities and spreading traditional Balinese Watukaru Yoga. There are a variety of retreats and experiences on offer, from yoga teacher training in the Balinese methods, to Chakra opening, and martial arts. Accommodations are simple but do feature air conditioning, free wifi access and all your basics like mosquito nets, private bathrooms and toiletries. This retreat is the ideal choice if you’re looking to remove yourself from Bali’s hectic tourist scene and soak up a true Balinese experience. 

Anchor5. Loka Yoga Retreats

Loka Yoga
Photo Credit: Loka Yoga School Website []

Right in the heart of Canggu Loka Yoga offers 200 and 100 hour yoga teacher training courses, short training courses and yoga retreats. Loka Yoga also has locations in the home of yoga, India, so be sure to check those spots out too. This retreat sets itself apart as being where science meets spirituality, focusing on blending the ancient practices and knowledge of the east, with the latest research and data coming from the west. Teacher training and retreats here focus on empowering participants to come from a place of wisdom and experience, instead of instructing or being instructed from words borrowed from books. Retreats last up to 8 days and run on preset dates, so this is another one to book in advance and watch for dates that will suit you.


AnchorSurf retreats

Surf Retreats

Anchor1. Ocean soul retreat

Ocean Soul Retreat
Photo Credit: Ocean Soul Surf Retreat Website []


Ocean soul offers a host of retreat options, from yoga and pilates to wellness and freediving, but we’re most impressed by their surf retreat, located in fun and trendy Seminyak. Surf retreats go for 7 days, and encompass not only surf, but massages, yoga and meditation sessions also. The surf lessons are tailored to each participant's ability, with beginners staying close to the sandy shores, while more experienced surfers will go a bit further out. The retreat emphasises safety, and feedback to ensure participants achieve their goals in a safe and supportive environment. Accommodation in a luxury villa is provided, as well as 24/7 security, all your food and high quality surf equipment. ​​​

Anchor2. Pelan Pelan

Pelan Pelan
Photo Credit: Pelan Pelan Website []


Pelan Bali offers an enchanting retreat only 10 minutes from Canggu. The retreat offers a range of activities, including yoga, and surf retreats. Choose just one, or the ‘Get it all’ retreat to have the chance to work on your yoga and surfing. Guests can also indulge in luxurious spa treatments inspired by Balinese healing traditions. Surf retreats accept everyone from beginners to experienced surfers, there’s a maximum of 2 surfers per instructor, so you’ll be getting expert guidance in safe hands the whole time you’re out on the water. Retreats are a minimum of 5 nights and include one surf session a day, but you can add a second for a fee if you want to get out there some more. If you fancy some relaxation and culture the retreat runs a half day tour of the nearby temples once a week and offers poolside massages and home made Indonesian lunches. 


Anchor3. Surf Getaways 

Surf Getaways
Photo Credit: Surf Getaway Website []


Sorry guys, this one's for the girls only. This one week retreat brings together a group of like-minded women for one week and brings them to visit both coast lines, hitting places like Canggu, Bingin, Kedungu, Sanur, Keramas and Medewi. You’ll be based in a luxurious villa in Canggu, with most of your meals provided and daily surf sessions with expert coaches. There’ll also be lots of opportunities to free surf and practise what you’re being taught. Lots of women head on this retreat solo, so it's the perfect opportunity to meet some future travel buddies. Retreats run on pre-set dates so make sure you line this up early if it sounds like the right retreat for you. 

AnchorFitness Retreats

Fitness Retreats

Anchor1. Wanderfit Retreats

Wanderfit Retreats
Photo Credit: Wanderfit Retreats Website []


WanderFit Retreats is located in the enchanting landscapes of Uluwatu, offering a unique blend of fitness, exploration, and relaxation. From invigorating workouts to rejuvenating yoga sessions, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a variety of activities designed to promote physical vitality and well-being. Beyond fitness, WanderFit Retreats also offers opportunities for cultural immersion, including visits to local markets, traditional Balinese ceremonies, and eco-conscious excursions. With stunning accommodation, nutritious cuisine, and expert guidance from experienced instructors, this is a supportive environment to push your limits, discover new passions, and crush your fitness goals. Workouts vary from beach workouts, to functional fitness, HIIT workouts and elite coaching sessions, but it's not all workouts at WanderFit, you’ll also get to head to a Bali swing, do some snorkelling and even try your hand at white water rafting. 

Anchor2. The body factory 

The Body Factory
Photo Credit: The Body Factory Website []


This is a 5 night retreat in Canggu, which is focussed on a booty blast, with 9 booty focussed workouts included in your retreat. Workouts are run by expert coaches, and you get access to all the other classes offered at the Body Factory, so you’ll be able to do a whole body blast if you’re feeling brave. You’ll get daily smoothies and coffees, plus a beach club night out and recovery spa sessions, you’ll need those after all your classes. Your accommodation in a luxury boutique villa is part of the package and food is also covered, for breakfast and lunch, plus your welcome dinner. This retreat runs on pre-set dates so make sure you decide and book well in advance. 


Anchor3. Amanda Jane Life Retreats

Amanda Jane Life Retreat
Photo Credit: Amanda Jane Life Retreats Website []


These 5 night retreats include accommodation in a luxury villa, all of your meals, and daily yoga and fitness classes. This is a holistic fitness retreat, so on top of your yoga and workouts, there are also meditation, life coaching, mindfulness and breathing workshops on offer. With a focus on mindfulness, personal growth, and authentic connection; daily yoga and meditation practices, enriching workshops and soulful community gatherings, are used as tools to encourage a journey of self-exploration. While this is primarily a fitness retreat, and your workouts will be demanding,there is also a huge focus on relaxation and reconnecting with yourself. 

Ready to relax?

So there you have it, whether you just need some rest and relaxation, want to learn a new skill, improve on some old ones or finally focus on your fitness Bali has the retreat for you. Bali has so much to offer so don’t be afraid to extend that booking and see more of what the island has to offer when your retreat wraps up! Make sure you pack your travel insurance along for the ride!​​​​



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