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Have you Lost Your Policy Documents?

Don’t worry, you can get them back in minutes. Simply go to Policy Manager and follow these steps;

  1. Login using your Policy Number, email address, and date of birth that you provided when purchasing your policy.
  2. When logged in, you will see a link to download your "Certificate of Insurance".

Using the Policy Manager

Our Policy Manager allows you to view your policy documents, add extras and add-ons, extend your policy, and change your details.

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Login and view your policy details.


Apply To Extend

You can apply to extend your policy.



Update your policy and traveller details.


Want to extend your policy?

To extend a policy please follow these steps; 

  1. Login using your Policy Number, email address, and date of birth that you provided when purchasing your policy. (note: this information is the Policy Holder's information).
  2. When you have logged in, click the "Extend Trip" option.
  3. You will see your current destinations and travel dates. 
  4. Under "Extension Options" enter any/all additional destinations you will be travelling to and update your return date 
  5. Click on "Get Quote" to get your extra premium
  6. Click "Proceed to Payment" to complete your policy extension 
Changing your details

If you need to change your policy details, login to Policy Manager, and click "Update Details." Under this section you will be able to update traveller names and your residential address. 


  • Can I extend my policy online?
  • There are some exclusions, but you can check if you can extend your policy via the Policy Manager. If you log in and aren’t able to extend for some reason, you can get in contact with our friendly call centre. 

    Remember, your policy expiration date is based on AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

  • When do I need to extend my policy?
  • We advise that you log in to the Policy Manager or contact us as soon as you know you need to extend your policy. Ideally, you should do this seven days (AEST) before your policy is due to expire). Once a policy lapses we are unable to extend it, and you will need to buy a new policy. 

  • Will I be covered for Pre-existing Medical Conditions under my extension?
  • Pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered during the extended period of your policy unless it/they are automatically covered and you have not been hospitalised, including day surgery or emergency department attendance, for that condition in the past 12 months. 

    This is regardless of whether your pre-existing medical condition was covered under the original policy or for any condition you suffered during the term of the original policy. 



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