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How Female Travellers Can Stay Safe Hat

The Secret Traveller

woman on hill top

By The Secret Traveller

It sucks that it’s come to this. In an ideal world women shouldn’t have to take any more precautions than men when they travel. Unfortunately though, this isn’t a perfect world.

For female travellers, particularly those striking out on their own, there are certain steps to take that will go a long way towards ensuring you have a safe, interesting and enjoyable holiday.

1 Trust Your Instincts

dodgy hotel

This is the number one rule of travel. You shouldn’t avoid meeting people or talking to strangers – that’s half the fun of travel – but if it feels dodgy, then go with your instincts, and walk away. If a certain pub or bar doesn’t feel right, then you don’t have to hang around. There’s no need to be paranoid, but if something doesn’t feel right, then trust that instinct. 

2 Avoid Posting Too Many Details Online

posting online

If you’re travelling solo, it’s best not to be too public about where you intend to go next, and when you intend to go there. There have been instances of predators using this information to track people’s whereabouts. It’s best to be as circumspect as you can with publicly shared information.

3 Utilise The Sharing Economy – But With Companions

2 girls getting a cab

There are some great options out there for adventurous travellers to use the sharing economy, from couchsurfing with locals to sharing lifts in their cars to going around to people’s houses for dinner. These are all perfect for travellers to get to know a new destination. In the case of women, however, it’s going to add an extra level of security if you can find a friend or companion to share the experience.

4 Stay In Densely Populated Areas

populated area

It’s far better to find yourself walking home at night through a busy street than down a deserted alley. When you’re booking accommodation, check that it’s in a heavily populated area.

5 Dress Like A Local

woman in veil

What you wear when you travel is 100 per cent up to you. However, if you want to avoid unwanted attention from locals, it’s usually best to dress the same way as local women dress. Maybe you’re not going to wear the exact same clothes – that can look a little ridiculous – but try to stick to the same standards of modesty as they do.

6 If In Doubt – Get Out

woman running

This goes for both forms of transport, and potentially dodgy situations. If you’re in a cab or on a bus or a train and it doesn’t feel right, get out as soon as you can. Don’t feel silly about it. Similarly, if you’re in a situation that seems shady, don’t be embarrassed to jump straight in a taxi and get out of there. Better safe than sorry.

7 Call A Cab

woman calling a cab

When you’re leaving a restaurant or bar, it’s best to call a taxi rather than hail one on the street. Your call provides a record of who will be driving you around, as well as ensuring that that driver who’s assigned to you is legit.

8 Do Your Research

researching a trip

Before you travel, check out online forums to see what other women’s experiences have been like in your destination of choice. Which bars are recommended? Which hotels provide the most security? What should you avoid or be on the lookout for? A bit of research will give you the answer.

9 Stay In Control

girls drinking

It sucks, we know. Girls should be able to go out and get as drunk as the guys and not have to worry about a thing. And that’s totally your prerogative if that’s what you want to do. However, in the interests of safety when you’re travelling, it’s best to stay in control and aware of your surroundings. Many a dangerous situation has been entered into after too many drinks.

10 Keep In Contact

gils travelling

Whether it’s calling a friend from a taxi to loudly let the driver know that your whereabouts is being spread, or keeping friends or family in the loop when you move destinations or accommodation, the more trusted people that know where you are at any given time, the better.


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