Wreck Diving Insurance

There are three different types of wreck diving. Each requires different skill levels and greater risk- which means greater levels of training, experience and equipment.

  • Non-penetration diving which means swimming over the wreck.
  • Limited penetration diving within the 'light zone"
  • Full penetration diving beyond the 'light zone".

We've listed some of the most interesting wreck dives for you to explore. We recommend you purchase travel insurance before participating in any wreck dive.

1Cover Travel Insurance will cover you for scuba diving including wreck diving as long as you have an open water diving license or you are diving under licensed insturction. This means that the person instructing you and taking you on the scuba dive is a PADI licensed intructor or any instructor with an open water license recognised in Australia. Under all our overseas travel insurance plans you will be covered, so you can get out there and enjoy diving these wrecks. 


The World's Largest Wreck- S.S President Coolidge

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

One of the largest, most accessible wrecks in the world, the President Coolidge is considered the wreck dive of a lifetime. Located in Vanuatu with beach access off the island of Espiritu Santo, the 200m ship was first a luxury liner then was used as a troop ship during WWII.

The ship is so big that even if you dived it over ten times in ten different locations you would still only be able to see parts of it. It has dozens of mapped routes ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced divers and not to mention lots of military gear for those who are interested in war artefacts.

Beginners should target the bow, a shallow pick at 20m. On the promenade at 33m, find rifles, gas masks and helmets. Warm up on these areas, and if you're still not tapped out, guides can lead you on a penetration dive of the two cargo holds as well as the medical supply room.


The Best Wreck For Easy Access- U.S.S Kittiwake

7 Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

The USS kittiwake spent 50 years being a US Navy Diver and submarine support vessel before being decommission in 1994, striped of all harmful waste and transformed into an artificial reef. It is 252 feet long with a 42 foot beam making it one of the largest shipwreck attractions in the entire world. It was purposely sunk off Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach in 2011.

Since then it has become a popular wreck dive, ideal for first time wreck explorers as the doors and hatches have been removed, giving each room at least one exit point. Those with wreck diver certification cards can penetrate all five of the ship's levels.

The wheelhouse is shallowest, housing the wheel and compass. Two recompression chambers and the artificial diving bell are also highlights and you can also do day or night dives.


The Best Wreck For Marine Life- SS Yongaloa

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The SS Yongaloa sank in a cyclone off the coast of Cape Bowling Green in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in 1911. One of the largest and most intact ship wrecks in Australia the SS Yongaloa is full of mystery as when it sank no life rafts were found, and no one knows exactly what happened.

It is protected under the Historic Shipwreck act 1976 and the artefacts, marine life and variety of corals that cover the wreck are truly striking. The interesting thing about this wreck is that a lot of the marine life around it is super-sized. Giant gropers, giant rays and schools of giant trevally often are often seen when diving the wreck. You can also come across turtles, sea snake, Queensland gropers, sharks, tropic fish and sometimes even humpback whales.

In order to dive the Yongala you will need to have a minimum Open Water Diver License, have 6 logged Open Water Dives and if you have less than 15 logged dives you must dive with a guide.


The Best Wreck For Warships-SMS Markgraf

Scapa Flow, Scotland

The SMS Markgraf is a German Warship from World War One and is said to be one of the most interesting in the Scapa Flow region. It's one of three Konig class battleships to see in the area but is the most accessible as its depth is at 24 meters.

Like most battleships the SMS Marktraf is upside down, meaning to get in you have to get through the gunwales at around 38m. At 26000 tons and 177 meters in length it certainly makes an impression and due to its immense size you would need several dives to see the whole ship. The hull has opened up and is largely intact, allowing the diver a unique view into the torpedo room and the ability to swim right through the stern. There are two large rudders on the stern that are worth visiting and some blasting damage can be seen near the bows.

Divers should undertake a wreck diver speciality course and for those wanting to dive full penetration they will need significant additional experience, training and equipment.


You're Covered For

Theft Of Cash


Theft Of Cash

We provide cover for theft of cash and travellers cheques. 


Emergency RescueEmergency Rescue

If you have an accident we will arrange for a medical transfer or evacuation to the nearest hospital.


Overseas AssistanceOverseas Medical Assistance

Travel isn't always smooth sailing. That's why we have 24/7 emergency medical assistance to assist you whenever you need help.


Pre-Existing Medical ConditionsPre-Existing Medical Conditions

We automatically cover 34 conditions under our travel insurance policies.


You're Not Covered For

Drugs & AlcoholDrugs & Alcohol

If you're intoxicated, taking drugs (that haven't been prescribed) and your claim results from these actions, then you're not covered.


Unsupervised BelongingsUnsupervised Belongings

Leaving your things laying around is just asking for someone to take them.



Ignore WarningsIgnoring Official Warnings

If a government or other official body have issued a specific "Do Not Travel" or "Reconsider Your Need to Travel" warning and you go you will not be covered.


Breaking The LawBreaking The Law

For obvious reasons we can't help you out here. Always adhere to local laws no matter where your adventure takes you.


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Overseas Medical AssistanceEmergency Companion Cover

If something serious happens to you or them we'll reimburse you any expenses. 

Personal Liability InsurancePersonal Liability

Coverage in case someone sues you for bodily injuries or damages. 

Car Hire ExcessCar Hire Excess

We provide cover for trental vehicle excess

Luggage InsuranceCredit Card Fraud

We provide cover for this so you can shop in safety 


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