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Holiday Packing check List

You’ve booked your flights, found somewhere to stay, made sure you’re covered with 1Cover travel insurance and, now it’s time to pack! We have created the ultimate guide to essential things you need to take with you on every trip. From city hopping to beach holidays, we’ve got you covered! 


essential packing items


. Passport

This one speaks for itself really. If you’re travelling internationally this is essential! Even if you are travelling domestically, make sure you have at least one form of ID with you. Have a spot where you always store your passport – a leather wallet, or a small plastic sleeve that’s kept in a certain section of your daypack – so that you’ll be able to find it whenever it’s necessary. Also, ensure your passport has at least six months’ validity left. Some countries may refuse you entry if you have less than this.

. Money

Make sure your card can be used fee free abroad. Being charged on every transaction can get expensive quick. Apps like Wise or Revolut are a quick option if your bank doesn’t offer this option. 

It is also essential to take some cash in the local currency. Not everywhere takes card, and some countries still predominately use cash. Just to be safe, make sure you have a little bit with you. 

Cash is also great for emergencies, like if your phone dies and Uber is no longer an option and you need a cab home. 

  •  Copies Of Documents

  • Keeping your travel documents safe is essential when travelling. An even better idea is to have spares to hand. Use the old-school way and make photocopies of your passport and any important travel documents and keep them somewhere separate in your backpack or suitcase. The new way is to scan them and save the PDFs in the cloud.  

  • . Medication

  • Remember to take any of your regular medications with you on holiday and check if they are allowed into the country you're visiting. Check with your doctor if you need any shots or vaccinations if you are going to any tropical destinations as well as some bite cream and bug spray!  
  • . 1Cover Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance is essential to any trip so make sure your protected with 1Cover’s award winning travel insurance. 





  • . Underwear and Spares!

  • T-shirts can be re-worn, as can jeans or shorts. Underwear, however, is a different beast. No one wants to re-wear those, so take a sensible amount to keep you going in-between washes.

  • . Mix and Match Clothes

  • ​​​Make picking an outfit every morning so much easier by having all your clothes match.

  • . Something Waterproof 

  • A waterproof jacket and/or umbrella is a very useful addition when travelling. Getting completely drenched can be fun, but remaining wet for hours when you’re travelling isn’t. Take a waterproof to protect you from the elements -it also saves you from having to pack wet clothes which get heavy and smelly quick.

  • . Suitable shoes

  • No matter what holiday you end up on, a nice comfty pair of shoes you can walk in will pretty much always come in handy.
  • . Swimmers

  • This would probably be first on your mind if you plan on going to beaches and pools but even if you’re going for a winter trip, you might stop by a pool or sauna. Don't get caught short and take a bikini or some trunks with you.
  • . Thongs/Slides 

  • From wondering around hostels and hotels to walking along the beach, a sturdy pair of thongs will invariably come in handy on the road.  





. Toothbrush (and toothpaste)

Self-explanatory one but you'd be surprised what people forget!​​​​

. Sunscreen

Essential for every holiday, even in the cold or skiing. Stay protected and wear SPF. If you are going in the ocean, make sure you wear reef safe sunscreen to help protect and preserve aquatic wildlife

. Travel Sized Toiletries

If you are flying this is needed as you there are often 100ml limits on planes. All your liquids also need to fix into a small plastic bag so avoid overpacking and bring solids where you can like solid bars of soap or shampoo.

. Hand Sanitiser

A small, convenient way of keeping your hands clean. Helps keeps your hands free of germs even if you get stuck somewhere without soap or a sink. 



. Day Bag

  • Whether it’s a fanny pack/bum bag, a handbag, a hidden belt bag or a small rucksack, a small bag will be used on pretty much every trip. 

    If you’re super prepared, you can take both a belt bag/fanny pack and a rucksack or handbag. One to keep your passport, money, and other essentials close to you and aware from pickpockets. The other for daily essentials like extra layers, a hat, your water bottle, and any snacks you might buy for the day. ​​​​​

  • . First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Having a small kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes and creams, painkillers and any of your prescribed medicines can save you a doctor’s trip down the line and can help keep your day moving. 

You might also want to pack some Imodium (especially if you’re trying new cuisines in foreign countries) and malaria tablets if you’re of the beaten track. 

. Adapters and Chargers

Invest in a universal adapter with multiple USB ports for ultimate convenience. Taking extra cables is helpful, especially if you have multiple devices that use the same cord - like your headphones and phone. A portable charger is also your new best friend on long travel days. From days spent exploring and walking around following your maps on your phone, to airports with limited charging ports. You won’t regret spending more on a decent model that gives multiple charges. Some are even solar powered so you can charge on the go!


Music, audiobooks, movies, TikTok’s, drowning out that annoying guy at the hostel; headphones are useful in many situations. A bonus pair of wired headphones are a good idea to pack in case the wireless ones are not charged. 

. Reuseable Waterbottle

Keep it empty through airport security then refill it after as many times as needed. It is important to note in some countries, drinking bottled water is recommended due to water quality.

. Sewing Kit

You’ll never struggle to power up your phone, or Kindle, or laptop, or camera battery, with a universal adapter. Get one with USB input for extra convenience.

. Pen

From filling in travel documents on the plane, marking maps with where you want to go, writing postcards to your loved ones back home, or even in your travel journal - a pen is an essential that so many people forget. 

. Lock

Always lock your stuff. Especially when it comes to making sure you’re covered by your travel insurance. If there is a safe or locker, use it. Invest in a decent padlock for your suitcase if you’re in a shared room. Unfortunately, not everyone is trustworthy when you travel.  

. Ear Plugs

These are great for noisy neighbours, loud parrots, fighting jet lag, long flights with screaming kids. You never know what situations you might get stuck in and wish you had a pair of ear plugs. 


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