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For travel lovers, 1Cover's multi-trip annual travel insurance provides comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

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Travel Insurance For frequent Travellers
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Travelling often means more adventures, more memories, more amazing times. But it can also mean there's more chances that the unexpected may occur, whether that be a cancelled flight, an upset tummy or a lost bag.

Our Frequent Traveller annual policies provide comprensive cover for all types of frequent travellers, whether you've got the travel bug, travel often for business, or have far-away family you love to visit. Get an online travel insurance quote now. 

Here are a few reasons why people choose annual multi-trip policies.


  • Travel often 

    A Frequent Traveller travel insurance policy is for people who take multiple trips a year. You can choose the policy that best suits how long each individual trip will be: Frequent Traveller 21 Days; Frequent Traveller 45 Days; or Frequent Traveller 90 days. On each policy, you can take unlimited trips over a 12 month period. Each individual trip can be a maximum 21, 45, or 90 days (dependent on your policy type).


  • Want To Save money 

    This policy you can save up to 40% on your total travel insurance expenses - so go on squeeze in one more trip!


  • Want To Save time 

    You don't need to tell us when you're travelling, where you're going and you don't need to book your insurance every time you take a trip.


  • Only Want To pay For The Regions They Visit 

    Why should you pay for a worldwide policy when you're only going on multi trips to one destination? That's the way we see it. If all your trips are to one region (like Australia) then you just pay the premiums for that area.

Frequent Traveller
Travel Insurance Benefits

As well as enjoying all the same benefits of our other comprehensive top-level policies, 1Cover's annual policies for frequent travellers offers unique benefits for people who love to travel.  

Customise Your Policy

Choose The Policy that Suits you

There are three different annual policies available, so you can choose the one that best suits the duration of your trips.

Unlimited Trips In One Year


You can take as many trips as you want for one year and be covered under one annual policy. One booking and you're sorted!  

Overseas & Domestic Cover

Overseas & Domestic Cover

Annual policies are available for both overseas and domestic travellers. Wherever you go, we’ve got your back..

Cost Effective


If you travel more than once a year, an annual policy generally works out as cheaper, as well as saving you time!

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Table of Benefits - Frequent Travel Insurance

Below is an outline the included benefits of 1Cover's Frequent Traveller annual travel insurance policies. For full information on our Frequent Traveller annual policies, see the PDS or get an instant quote now

Frequent Traveller Policy Benefit OVERSEAS
Frequent Traveller 
(all policies)
Frequent Traveller 
(all policies)

Overseas Emergency Medical Assistance



Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses

Unlimited X

Includes Dental Expenses (per adult)



Resumption Of Journey



Hospital Cash Allowance



Accidental Death



Permanent Disability



Loss of Income



Credit Card Fraud & Replacement



Includes Travel Documents & Traveller's Cheques



Theft Of Cash



Luggage & Personal Effects



Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses



Additional Accommodation & Travel Expenses



Includes Family Emergency



Includes Emergency Companion Cover



Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits



Disruption Of Journey



Alternative Transport Expenses



Personal Liability

$5 million

$5 million

Domestic Pets



Domestic Services



Rental Vehicle Insurance Excess



Unless otherwise specified in the PDS: Sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13 - If you claim for the same or similar cancelled services/facilities or alternative arrangements under sections 12, 12A, 12B & 13, we will only pay the higher of the two amounts, not both. Benefit limits are per adult traveller. For accompanying dependants the policy benefits are shared with the adult traveller.

^^ You only have this cover for these sections if the relevant pack has been purchased.
*  Sub-limits apply
^  You do not have cover under these sections while travelling in Australia.
# Limits are per policy regardless of persons the claim relates to.



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Optional Coverage

Cruise Pack 

Going on a cruise? Stay safe and ensure you're properly covered on your cruise holiday by adding our Cruise Pack to your policy. See PDS for full details.

Winter Sports Pack

If you're hitting the slopes anytime during the year you'll need to add the Winter Sports Pack to your policy to ensure you're covered. It provides cover for winter sports activities such as skiing or snowboarding, plus a whole heap more benefits. See PDS for full details.

Additional Rental Vehicle Excess

Choose to increase your rental vehicle excess cover amount up to $8,000 and protect yourself from unexpected fees.


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FAQs About annual travel Insurance

  • What’s The Difference Between A Frequent Traveller Policy & A Single Trip Policy?
  • Our Frequent Traveller policies covers unlimited journeys over a 12 month period. The maximum duration of cover for any one journey will depend upon which policy option you have selected. You can choose to cover trips that are maximum of 21 days, 45 days, or 90 days. Our Single Trip policies just cover that one single trip that you provide dates for at the time of purchase.  

  • Can More Than One Person Go On A Frequent Traveller Policy?
  • Yes, of course. A Frequent Traveller policy covers you and the members of your family who go with you on your journey and are listed as covered on your Certificate of Insurance. The only members of your family who can be included are your spouse and your dependants.

  • How Do I Renew My Frequent Traveller Annual Policy? 
  • You simply need to call the call centre on 1300 192 021, email us at [email protected] or speak to a call centre representative via online chat. One of our trained call centre staff members will assist you in the policy renewal. We will also send you reminder emails when your annual policy is due to be renewed and you can also do the renewal online. Please note there may be instances where a policy renewal is not available.

  • Do I Need To Tell 1Cover When My Trips Take Place?
  • With a Frequent Traveller Policy you don't need to tell us when you're travelling, or where you’re going and you don't need to book your insurance every time you take a trip.

  • Are There Any Age Restrictions On Frequent Traveller Policies?
  • Yes, these policies are only available for customers under the age of 64. Don’t worry if you are 64 and over, we can still cover you on a single-trip basis.

  • How Far Out Can I Book My Frequent Traveller Policy?
  • You can purchase a Frequent Traveller policy up to 6 months before the policy start date.

  • What Happens If I Come Home Early?
  • Your policy covers the full duration of your trip. There are no refunds should you come home earlier than planned.


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Unlike many other travel insurers, we automatically cover 35 conditions under our policies. We know everyone is different and that's why our medical team assess each pre-existing condition on a case by case basis.

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If you want your claim paid quickly, and you don’t want to deal with a complicated claims process, then use 1Cover. Just make sure you have all your receipts and relevant documents handy.

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